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By Pete Moore On June 28th, 2019

The controversial British state broadcaster is so hateful and destructive. It sent a silly woman to confront the Dalai Lama about his view that refugees ought to return to their homelands. The Dalai Lama isn’t a Tory. He doesn’t flap like a fish on the hook when baited by the ultra-left.

Note this woman’s BBC-surprise face when Mr Lama says that Europe cannot be Islamic or Africanised. “There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?” this brainwashed simpleton asks. Of course there is. Everything is wrong with it. Europe is the cradle of civilisation because European men made it so.

The left once opposed colonialisation. They are now the greatest of colonisers, against the advanced nations.

11 Responses to “THE DALAI LAMA IS SO WISE”

  1. When is the Dalai Lama going home?

  2. He can’t.

    The socialist colonisers will arrest him, probably kill him too.

  3. But surely people should stay in their own country, consequences be damned?

    He can return. He shouldn’t as the consequences would be too great should he do so. But he can return.

  4. When he can I’m sure he will. As many Syrians have now done. All Syrians should go home, all refugees should, as the Dalai Lama will do one day.

  5. Assad is still there. Can they really go back?

  6. Many have already done so. Assad is an NHS man. He will be an angel in human form.

  7. Bashar al-Assad is a bigger threat to his citizens than Xi Jinping is to his.

  8. War refugees and economic migrants are two totally different things, as the Dalai Lama in his present incarnation said.

  9. They are two totally different things. However over half of the refugees have come from three different countries – Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan. Syria and Afghanistan have had wars in place for the last decade (longer in Afghanistan), while Eritrea has one of the worst human rights records in the world.

    And there are undoubtedly some people who are both. People who are both coming to Europe to avail of better economic prospects but who are also fleeing violence or oppression at home.

  10. He does admittedly make some valid points:


  11. Now he’s gone and said that the next Dalai Lama could possibly be a woman, but it it is, she will have to be good looking so people will like to look at her.

    Buddhists also believe in the transmigration of souls. Pete, have you perhaps recently felt part of your soul slip out of you, and maybe fly off to enter a body in some eastern region?