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By Pete Moore On June 28th, 2019

Because Friday night is Music Night: Sexy Sadie, what have you done?

I met an American this week who left the US because of President Trump. They actually exist, these people. At least one of them does.

It was a work thing. I twigged the accent and asked where she’s from. Chicago she says. So how does a woman from Chicago end up in Oxford, I asked. (We were in Oxford, you see.) She said that Donald Trump was elected so she packed her bags and flew to England. Got a job and a place in Oxford.

I was like “What the- really?” while making a miserable job of keeping the mile-wide grin off my face. I was surprised as much as amused. She looked normal and not at all mental. But she’s happy in Oxford, so good luck to her. And the line from The White Album, Side Three came to mind, because she was a bit of a looker too.

I hope you have a great weekend. As always, feel free to post your top tunes down below –


  1. Pete, Chatting up a bird, old boy? I remember those days!

  2. Get your flirting in before they make it a hate crime, Charles!

  3. Let’s face it Pete, there are worse places than Oxford:


  4. beatles….


  5. hooker and heat….. for the hardcore


  6. Peter –

    There are worse places than Oxford. Post-war vandals added a few ugly suburbs, but Oxford proper remains glorious.

  7. This isn’t music on a new channel I’ve discovered recently on YouTube.
    this guy is a fine art restorer. I find these videos absolutely fascinating.


  8. There are worse places than Oxford

    I prefer Cambridge. Seriously, I do.

    Who is the best singer? I’ve just come across Queenstyche’s singer, Geoff Tate. He’s the best. This is a lovely song from MTV’s Unplugged series…..


    Dirty Harry
    3 months ago
    I. Geoff Tate
    2.Everyone else

    And here is the full-metal workout, as reviewed by the voice coach, ‘Beth Roars’…..off whatever scale there is. Anyway, watch these then tell me I’m wrong:


    Kyle S.
    1 week ago
    In his prime, Geoff Tate had the most ridiculous range and great tone in every register. Truly special!

  9. Been away for way too long and forgotten how much i used to enjoy infesting Pete’s FNJ with some fine Central European tunes.
    Have some Ewelina (Poland)

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmUoiCUIT8E

  11. welcome back JM