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Worth the time

By Patrick Van Roy On July 1st, 2019

Candace Owens has come along way, I enjoy her and she’s interviewing Nigel…. so complain all you want or enjoy the interview. Choice id yours.

5 Responses to “Worth the time”

  1. To those who detract him I say this. He may not be perfect but, he is better than YOU !

  2. I would have enjoyed being the third person at that table.

  3. I would have enjoyed you being the third person at that table too Noel. A cuddly teddy bear, fuzzy warm ‘interview’

    Owens is a pretty easy on the eye useful idiot for the American right.

  4. He enjoys the battle.

  5. Owens wants to jail anyone who burns the flag. No wonder she loves Farage.