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By Pete Moore On July 1st, 2019

Irish farmers furious over EU-South American deal to cut tariffs

A landmark trade deal between the EU and a number of South American countries including major beef producers has been sharply criticised for “selling out” both Irish farmers and environmental standards.

It will slash tariffs on everything from Argentine steaks to German car parts, a considerable achievement in a global trading environment consumed by ongoing US-Chinese tensions.

However, while the accord makes the EU the first major economy to strike a comprehensive trade deal with Mercosur since its foundation in the early 1990s, it drew furious reaction from Irish agriculture on Friday.

“This is a bad deal for Ireland and for Irish farmers, it’s a bad deal for the environment and it’s a bad deal for EU standards and consumers,” said Joe Healy, president of the Irish Farmers Association (IFA).

It only took them 20 years to strike the deal, so they’re getting faster at these things. But the good news is I like a bit Argie Longhorn, so well done for finally getting there.

25 Responses to “WELL DONE THE EU”

  1. The writing is on the wall for UK farming as well. Johnson wants free trade deals with all of the Americas after Brexit. But there will be tariffs on all trade with the EU.

  2. Ultimately, when push comes to shove, there is little to no reason for the levels of protectionism afforded to agriculture. Everyone pretty much does it but there is no earthly reason why agriculture should be afforded greater protection than any other parts of the economy.

    Ultimately the result will be a reduction in food prices which will benefit everyone. It will also kill off a lot of farmers but ultimately that isn’t a negative. It is already one of the least productive sectors of the economy. Shifting time, money and manpower away from it will only improve economic growth.

  3. Ireland still has cattle farms that are tiny by the standards of other countries. I’ve been to such farms where the herd is maybe forty cattle.

    An ancient and already threatened way of life is more threatened?

  4. Good news for Ireland. Irish farmers have a lot more to be worried about than a bit of tasty Latin competition.

  5. Quality will always out. I’d challenge any beef to compete with fully aged and properly butchered Irish Beef.

  6. He’s alive!!!!

  7. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated 😉

  8. Hope that all is well.

    Very good to hear from you.

  9. All is going great Phantom but as has the case for the last few years, work is crazy. I’m doing a lot of international travel and it leaves my leisure time vastly reduced.

  10. Hello as well Chris!

    Is Irish beef that much better? I’ve had good luck with Aussie beef lately (sorry Texas!). Very flavorful, organic, and grass-fed.

  11. Hey Charles! It’s incredible. If you can find some rare breed Irish black that has been matured properly and hung for 30 days then you are in for a treat.

  12. Jesus Christ, Chris Gaskin!! Welcome back.

    Charles, I’m with Chris here. Quality will always out and like Irish dairy produce I’d put Irish beef up against beef from anywhere.

    On a related issue, is the US right to demand the UK drop food quality standards as a prerequsite to a trade deal?

  13. Hi Paul, long time! I presume you heard about our mutual friend passing?

  14. Jesus I hadn’t. It explains why she hadn’t been in contact for a few months.

    That’s made ne feel pretty sad. If you still have my mail could you mail me the details?

  15. I only found out as we had a weekend planned and she couldn’t be contacted. I don’t think I have your email, have you mine?

  16. You still use the .ac one?

  17. Yes

  18. I’ll get a mail off to you now.

  19. On a related issue, is the US right to demand the UK drop food quality standards as a prerequsite to a trade deal?

    No, the UK should be able to set whatever standards they want.

  20. There have been times when countries monkeyed around with standards so as to discourage imports.But there is no evidence that the UK/EU has been doing that with their food standards.

    If Tyson chicken or anyone else wants to sell food to Europe, they should find a way to meet the standard, instead of trying to force the UK/EU to change them.

  21. Little Leo has been doing the EU’s dirty work busily sabotaging Brexit any way he can. I just rolled up when I heard how he got rewarded by the EU. The FTA with S America will just kill the Eire beef industry. Its Karma that’s what it is.

  22. Little Leo has been doing the EU’s dirty work busily sabotaging Brexit any way he can

    Sabotaging? That’ll be the DUP. There’s an easy solution to the Ireland / Brexit impasse DIG, regulatory checks at British ports – backstop.

    As for Irish farming:


  23. Dog thinks the role of “Little Leo” and indeed “little Ireland “ is to continue to act as the faithful colony to its historic Britannic master. Dog is uncomfortable that little Paddy is now a grown up independent adult and has a mind of his own.

  24. I think it would be more accurate to say that the EU are doing Leo’s dirty work.

    As I’ve said before, the arch-Collinsite Simon Coveney has played a blinder. He’s learnt from his hero about dealing with British negotiators.

  25. Doesn’t matter what I think about Eire or what you think about what I think. Let’s all just realise the EU is busily screwing Eire over just as fast as it can. Its Karma man. Totally deserved Karma. Enjoy the ride.