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Well, Brexit Succeeds In FIFA

By Mahons On July 2nd, 2019

The Yanks are partying like it is 1776 when the British blew a 13 Colony lead. The USA has beaten England in women’s soccer 2-1 (the victors write history or I’d say women’s football). A decent game, close and fairly played. Setting up a final with the Swedes? The Netherlands? Bring the noise.

7 Responses to “Well, Brexit Succeeds In FIFA”

  1. As regulars on here know I’m not a football fan, but I was just curious, teams still swap shirts after a match?

    Oh, and Well played to our young ladies.

  2. Raging they missed the penalty. Why didn’t that White girl take the penalty, she was on fire.

    I know they got a penalty, but that was a professional foul on white to deny her a sitter (for her). Can’t remember if she was last ‘man’ or not, but if she was it should have been red. It taints the victory for the US to win like that. A bit like the Henry hand ball goal against Ireland.

  3. #sendherhome

  4. Last man challenge (or denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity) is only a red card now if it was deliberate. Foul was a foul but was accidental so no red card.

  5. LOL Seamus,

    Lucky for her she accidentally put her foot out when White was drawing back to strike. That’s some fortuitous accident.

  6. She didn’t swipe out at her. Didn’t stick her leg at an unnatural angle. Two players running and there was a coming together. It’s a foul but nothing more than that.

  7. A bit like the Henry hand ball goal against Ireland.

    Marginal and accidental, therefore play on.