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By Pete Moore On July 3rd, 2019

I actually agree with Marcher. Mayor Khan’t is hopeless and hapless, but the situation is beyond any Mayor or Met Commissioner. It’s beyond them because London has been filled with people who think that stabbing someone is a normal form of dispute resolution. And what’s fueling the disputes, ultimately, are nice people who like a crafty line with their nice friends after the weekend dinner party. Nice people who ignore that they are the demand who fuels the stabbings. Nice people who ignore that their crafty line comes with vast environmental damage too.

6 Responses to “UNROLL PLEASE”

  1. Yes Pete

    But these criminal coke stabbings would end if coke was decriminalised. It’s prohibition that is driving the non-market profit. Just like when Prohibition was abolished by FDR, the murders plummeted because the state subsidy provided by Prohibition had been removed.

    As a supporter of the free market and individual liberty, how can you support drugs prohibition?

  2. Yes Pete the English aren’t at all violent and shabby it’s just ghost nasty foreigners

  3. Fuckin auto correct

    Yes Pete the English aren’t at all violent and stabby it just those nasty foreigners

  4. what shabby ghost?

  5. The person who I, and I am sure many others, associate with this mess, is the same person who made a complete mess of BREXIT. But of course she would claim none of this to be any of her fault.

  6. The greatest gift etc etc.