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By Pete Moore On July 4th, 2019

It’s that day when Americans become insufferable and full of it. Just like every other day then. I kid, I kid.

But we have to be honest about what they’re celebrating over there, because I don’t see much to be proud about. The colonists were happy to be part of the greatest union. They came and went freely, trading in London, owning land in the Americas, and all the while seeing more colonists boosting the economy.

But they had their heads turned. Lies about tea and taxes were put about. Then they were beguiled with populist nonsense about liberty and independence. Not all of them, of course. Just a minority. Most colonists were happy with their fortunate position. But the rabble-rousers joined with the worst of people, the uneducated and the bigoted. They then sought foreign interference from the French and it all kicked off. The outcome was a catastrophic no-deal, crash-out USexit.

And how did that work out for them?


(NB: It was the British Civil War of North America)


  1. Just good English subjects asserting their rights against a mad Hun King!

  2. Apples and stairs

  3. Charles –

    It was a very British victory. As Elector of Hanover, many German states sent auxiliaries to aid his army against British colonists fighting to assert the common law liberties.

    Have a good one.

  4. //As Elector of Hanover, many German states sent auxiliaries to aid his army against British colonists fighting to assert the common law liberties.//

    Yes, these Germans and their British Yeoman comrades also “fought” in Ireland 20 years later, and were well known for their fondness for rape, burning down churches and general sectarian terrorism.

  5. “No taxation without representation”

    It was a reasonable demand in 1776 and is a reasonable demand now.

  6. Question for our American friends.

    Why is the 4th of July called the 4th of July? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense for your hungover brain from over indulgence from that chemical swill called Budweiser. 😀

    What with your predilection for putting the month first, such as ‘September 11th’ and indeed regular every day use… why does the day come first in this case?

  7. Or no taxation at all for some on this website… 😀

  8. //“No taxation without representation”//

    So it’s to be votes and the right to elect MPs for all working immigrants, then.

  9. III you see that symbol in more places than you suspect…. how many of you know what it stands for ? 3 simple capital I’s….. III

    It stands for three percent.

    Three percent of the people is all it took declare and win our independence.

  10. Actually the 3% bit is a myth. It comes from taking the total number of pension files and bounty-land warrant applications and dividing it by the total population. Comes out at 80,000 people. It doesn’t count those who served but didn’t claim for pension or bounty-land, doesn’t count those who served as militia.

    So the number is closer to 300,000 not 80,000. So probably closer to 10%. Which is substantial for any war. For example about 17.5% of Germans fought in World War II and it was a total war situation.

  11. III

  12. X

  13. lol

  14. America didn’t really win the war of independence. Gentle mother England decided to let her struggling little eagle child fly away to become a big independent giant eagle 🙂

  15. Yes gentle momma had to be scolded twice…. in 1776 and 1812

  16. I’m pretty sure the British won the war of 1812.

  17. Really……

    you do confuse easily about history don’t you?

  18. British aim was the defeat of Napoleon. The American aim was the annexation of Canada. Which happened?

  19. No the British Aim was to create an Independent Indian Nation in our Northwest which would exist under their stewardship and they wanted to keep the upper half of Maine for Canada.

    The got neither.

  20. They beat Napoleon as they lost to us.

  21. The British didn’t declare war. The war was declared by the Americans due to the British anti-Napoleon blockade. The British didn’t really have North American war aims, seeing the war of 1812 as a distraction from their real conflict.

    The US wanted to annex Canada. It failed to do so.

  22. nonsense……

  23. //You do confuse easily about history don’t you//

    You think?


  24. Yes we seized the airports so that the redcoats never got to use them!

  25. Thinking years in advance, Phantom – that’s some foresight.

  26. I think it increasingly makes it obvious that the Airforce is unconstitutional. Airports (and I guess aircraft) existed at the time. So says The Donald (peace be upon him). As such by specifically not referencing Congress’ ability to form an Airforce in the constitution the formation of one is clearly against the constitution.

  27. Yeah that’s what happens when the teleprompter writer does the spell check and Ports turns into AirPorts…..

    In the meantime Biden is doing interviews saying how the Russians wouldn’t dare interfere with elections while him and Barack were President and Vice President…..

    One misspoke the others an idiot.