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By Pete Moore On July 4th, 2019

And like that, Remoaners will forget about buses.

A sore loser took Boris Johnson to court for that £350 million a week figure on the side of the Vote Leave bus. The High Court today held that the action was political, vexatious, and that the £350 million plastered on the side of it was absolutely fine.

Like all Remoaner arguments, it’s case dismissed.


  1. Nice try but fake news. The dispute about the 350 million was not that it was an inaccurate figure but that it would be available to pump into the NHS which was an obvious financial blatant lie.

  2. What are you talking about? It was always about the figure. Remoaners have banged on for three years that “Boris lied” about how much the EI costs us.

    Today the High Court said that it was an acceptable number to put on that bus.

  3. Into Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim, population 4,062 were brought in the middle of the night just two weeks ago 30 ‘refugees’ by the Department of Justice and the relatives are soon to follow. Two Irish patriots are discussing the disaster facing them and then, at 21.00 a treasonous slut pours what looks like lemonade over one of the patriots. They take their time and clean up a bit, and then they catch up with the scum at 22.05 – and one can see for oneself the garbage that leftists are…….


    Colin Ahearn
    23 hours ago
    More violence from Leah doherty and Fiona O’ Leary’s camp.

    cathY L
    cathY L
    1 day ago (edited)
    Leah doherty the guards should be calling at your door, cant hide NOW its all on camera, the state of the litte little git beside her, high as a kite the lot of them

    Martina Byrne
    Martina Byrne
    23 hours ago
    Oh my god, I didn’t realise who it was until you caught up with her! Delighted you got her on camera, show her up for what she really is! Well done to both of you’s for keeping it calm 🙂

    Eric Doran
    1 day ago
    I read now that Muslims in Bradford are now demanding Bradford be Sharia compliant.
    Want to see what Irelands future looks like , have a look across the pond.

    21 hours ago
    Great restraint lads, yis couldn’t have beaten her any uglier anyway lol…best moment was her asking for the guards when confronted lol, typical lefty reaction when made responsible for their actions- they’re beyond parody.. If her corrupt father was still knocking about he would be first in line for a nice brown envelope to put a DP centre in his area, make no mistake.

  4. I’m actually looking forward to Johnson as PM. It will be a car crash of course but hopefully the end of the Tory party.