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Official sidearm of the US Space Force…… ?

By Patrick Van Roy On July 5th, 2019

4.5 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite Transformed Into Pistols

The Big Bang Pistol Set Fully Functional Pistols.

The timeless design of the 1911, the ageless significance of interstellar materials, the innovative techniques of an all-American gun company – a trinity of circumstance, fused together into the perfect embodiment of a transcendent vision. We present Cabot’s magnum opus: The Big Bang Pistol Set.

2 Responses to “Official sidearm of the US Space Force…… ?”

  1. Yes Patrick, this is likely the last music that Mozart wrote before he died.

    But I don’t get the gun connection.

  2. nether did I, but enjoyed the music and knew you’d appreciate it.