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Questions for Mueller

By Patrick Van Roy On July 23rd, 2019



Are you a Crooked Cop or just incompetent ? 

That would be my first question to the august Robert Mueller. The man worked for two years on an counterintelligence investigation that was started by the FBI looking into of all things “espionage” by the Trump Campaign. Which is really funny when you consider that while Mr. Mueller was the head of the FBI for 4 years under his watch Hillary Clinton openly committed Espionage along with every member of Obama’s cabinet including Obama. They all exchanged e-mails with her, but the man under whose watch this occurred was assigned to investigate espionage and treason of Donald Trump….

I could go on for two or three posts with my dissatisfaction with what I consider to be the Inspector Clouseau of the FBI.  I truly believe Mueller to be an honest man, he just has an amazing record of incompetency, but has always managed to fail upwards.

Mr. Mueller is about to sit down for a 6 hour Circus of geeks, freaks, conmen, liars and thieves…. Congress. 3 hours for the House Judiciary Committee, 3 hours for the House Intelligence Committee.

The Democrats goal is to build a mountain out of a mole hill and convince the peasants that they have enough evidence to make Impeachment a viable task.

The Republicans job…. first off it will be nice if this pack of do nothings even bother to make an effort to take a position of defense let alone offense. They should put Mueller through the wringer. There are a ton of questions that this old fool needs to be asked. It has to be shown that he is one of three things: Corrupt, Incompetent, or just Stupid.

The Epoch Times created a list of 33 Questions for Mr. Mueller and I have a few of my own. I highly recomend you read the Epochs full article. They provide the reasoning for all 33 of their questions. Let’s discuss a few, shall we ?

The ET has this as Question 6, this would be my first question.


6) At what point did you and/or the special counsel team determine that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia?


This question is very important because in my opinion it goes directly to Mueller committing an act of Sedition. The Mueller investigation is directly responsible for the Dems winning the House. If he came to the conclusion that there was no collusion, say in the first 6 months of the investigation why did he wait an additional 18 months ?

In revealed text messages Strozyk and Paige  discussed the lack of evidence the day after Mueller was appointed.

Notably, FBI agent Peter Strzok—who played a key role in the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign—texted FBI lawyer Lisa Page the day after Mueller was appointed, on May 18, 2017, about lacking evidence of collusion:

“You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there, no question. I hesitate, in part, because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

Let me take that back I would go to that question after prefacing it with this question.


Mr Mueller why did you take this assignment? According to the ethics rules you should have recused yourself. The day before Rosenstein asked you to take the job you had just been turned down by the subject of the investigation for the job as the Head of the FBI. You as career prosecutor couldn’t see the conflict of interest ?


but that’s just me. What does ethics have to do with this group…?


16) Why was selective editing used in the representation of the transcript of a phone call between the president’s attorney, John Dowd, and the attorney for former national security adviser Michael Flynn?


Trump’s attorney, John Dowd, was never interviewed by the special counsel, who cited attorney-client privilege issues as the reason in a footnote within the report. Dowd’s voicemail left for Michael Flynn’s lawyer was edited in the presentation within the Mueller report to appear as a more menacing version that left out important details and distorted the actual context of Dowd’s voicemail.

Dowd’s full message was actually far more friendly and touched on two distinctly separate matters. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Dowd specifically cautioned Flynn’s attorney that he wasn’t requesting any confidential information.

It is also an act of Perjury to change evidence or falsify it in any way which Mueller did.


17) Did you fully investigate the origins of the alleged DNC server hack, and what forensic evidence was actually examined?


Immediately following the April 28 detection, DNC CEO Amy Dacey called Michael Sussmann, a DNC lawyer and partner with Perkins Coie. After the conversation, Sussmann contacted Shawn Henry, CSO and president of private cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike Services.

Analysis by CrowdStrike, along with the Intelligence Community’s Grizzly STEPPE report, concluded that the DNC’s computer systems had been hacked by two independent entities known as Advanced Persistent Threat 29 (APT 29) and Advanced Persistent Threat 28 (APT 28)—“Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear,” respectively.

FBI attempts to investigate the April 2016 DNC server breach were repeatedly rebuffed by the DNC, and the FBI was never able to examine the DNC server.

Mueller’s team and the top forensic laboratory in the world accepted a nonimpartial companies investigation…. Why?


19) Why was selective editing used in the representation of communications between former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and Giorgi Rtskhiladze, who was born in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia and has been a U.S. citizen since 2017?


and again falsification of evidence.


26) Why did the special counsel’s office delete all the data from Peter Strzok’s phone?


Destruction of evidence.


28) Why did the special counsel interview Peter Strzok approximately one week before he was removed from the special counsel investigation?


Where are the 302s ?


32) Why did you choose to step outside a normal prosecutorial role and comment publicly that your investigation did not exonerate President Trump?


Those are a sample of just some of the questions Mr. Mueller needs to answer. The Mueller investigations job was to find a crime Trump committed to act as cover for the Sedition, Treason and Coupe that was under way and the criminal cover up of Hillary Clinton’s Crimes.

It failed and now it’s time to pay the piper.



49 Responses to “Questions for Mueller”

  1. In a nutshell this post can be summed up as

    “ How dare you even think about questioning or investigated our Dear leader” 😉

  2. Really?

  3. Yes. He was asked to do a job he did it, he reported back. You seem to have accepted his conclusions, so why all the griping questions now ? Let him be.

  4. If the right wing noise machine says he’s a dirty cop and a Deep state traitor Those comments must be repeated And never questioned at any time

    There is no evidence for any of this, but that Has never stopped the Trump noise machine before

  5. He is NOT required by Law to testify, actually the Law states he should not have said a word to the Congress, he was told if he refused now the DOJ would back him and the supreme court would uphold it. He did his job, if he found anything I would be saying prosecute, but he found less than nothing, he found they even rebuffed the Russians.

    The Democrats want impeach, Weissman wrote the second half of the report as salaciously as possible to spin bullshit to put some there there.

    This is a show trial nothing more. It is designed to rile up the public.

    Colm I find it disheartening for you to describe it as you did. I’ve said repeatedly that if they found anything I would hand out the pitchforks and torches… they found nothing.

    Not only did they find nothing, Mueller violated Rules and Ethics, he broke the Law tampering with evidence, he committed sedition, and consciously involved himself in a conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected President.

  6. There is no evidence for any of this, but that Has never stopped the Trump noise machine before

    No evidence….. No evidence that Trump did anything you mean. 2 years of investigation FOUND NOTHING. That’s where there is no evidence.

    There is plenty of evidence that Mueller is both Corrupt and Incompetent.

  7. Patrick

    I don’t understand you. On the one hand you laud the honest conclusions of the Mueller investigation that no evidence was found of collusion then you say he is a seditious incompetent and corrupt official. Make your mind up.

  8. If he found anything I would be saying prosecute.

    I don’t think that that would be the case at all.

  9. Than you’re being foolish.

  10. You see I believe in the System, I believe we are ruled by Laws…. not men.

    If they found something on Trump I would be perfectly happy with Pence as President.

  11. Pat, you initally mildly scolded the petulant President for his ‘go back home’ tweets. You then very quickly went on the offensive spin. This has literally been the only time I can remember you (very mildly) criticise the man child.

    If Mueller had found nothing I have absolutely no doubt you’d have been immediately in trying to discredit Mueller.

  12. * If Mueller had found something

  13. I’ve repeatedly called Trump a carny barker, I repeatedly stressed the whole investigation that he should be prosecuted if crimes were found.

    The Law is and Always has been my bottom line.

    You’re saying I was lying and that I am a Liar….. that’s asinine. It goes against the very core of who I am.

    Trump has done an excellent job as President, he’s the most investigated man to ho;d the office…. and nothing was found. You just can’t handle the fact that these facts are true.

    and calling me a liar is never a smart thing…..

  14. You’re saying I was lying and that I am a Liar….. that’s asinine. It goes against the very core of who I am […]

    And calling me a liar is never a smart thing…..

    There’s really no need to see faux insult Pat but let me be straight, I haven’t called you a liar, I’m not calling you a liar and I have no intention of calling you a liar.

    What I have stated above it a statement of fact, you initally mildly scolded the petulant President for his ‘go back home’ tweets and then very quickly went on the offensive spin. This has literally been the only time I can remember you (very mildly) criticise Trump.

    Calling Trump a ‘carney’ and saying he should be prosecuted if anything is IMO, to say the very least mild in the wake of the whole catalogue of his blunders not to mention his absolute failure in keeping his signature campain promises but actually adding to the swamp.

    If he had been a Dem Pres you would have had him hanged, drawn & quartered by now.

  15. The swamp is just what he has to swim in and he’s the perfect alligator to do it. Trumps SIGNATURE issue was and is Poncho Gonzales and the bandidos just walking across our border, and he is fighting that battle nonstop against every loonatic angle they can come at him from.

    While the Dems pandor to Pancho at the cost of john q public…. they’re screwed, and they did it to themselves.

  16. Trump’s signiture campaign promises were:

    To build a wall along America’s suthern border
    To make Mexico pay for its cost
    To metaphorically drain the Washington swamp

    He has failed spectacularly in the first two and not only failed on the third but his administration has actually contributed to it. Were he a Dem POTUS not only would you have criticised him you’d have him nailed to the cross.

  17. Pancho Gonzales was an American tennis player.

    Pancho Villa is maybe the person you are thinking of.

    But then I guess all brown people look the same to you.

  18. no Poncho Villa had ambition Poncho Gonzales is a freeloader

  19. Mexicans work very hard

    If there are freeloaders, I’ve not seen them

  20. Pancho Gonzales was an American tennis player.

  21. To make Mexico pay for its cost
    To metaphorically drain the Washington swamp

    I love you, the check’s in the mail…. and a few more colorful pieces of rhetoric come to mind.

    To build a wall along America’s suthern border

    he’s trying…. congress and every wacko leftist judge is trying to stop him, and that’s why if the Dems loose that is the reason. They have made their whole platform in the eyes of the middle class open borders and full welfare and citizenship for the illegals.

    While the major cities are in the midst of a homeless crises worse than when they closed the nut houses in the 80s. Those people are Americans and they are being ignored because they are either insane or addicts.

  22. Phantom, on July 23rd, 2019 at 7:51 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Mexicans work very hard

    If there are freeloaders, I’ve not seen them

    These illegals aren’t are usual migrant population from south of the border Phantom, these aren’t Mexicans.

  23. You mean they are fake Mexicans ? Oh No. first fake news now fake ethnicity. When will Trump restore REALNESS to our blighted word ? 😉

  24. And Paul you say other than a few soft digs I’ve not been harsh on Trump about anything.

    Well tell me what has he done that he deserves to be chastised for?

    The man has been under investigation since before he took office and he still managed to achieve more conservative goals than any president since Reagan.

    As it stands right now I’d rank him in the top 3 of the last 100 years.

  25. Colm, on July 23rd, 2019 at 8:15 PM Said: Edit Comment
    You mean they are fake Mexicans ? Oh No. first fake news now fake ethnicity. When will Trump restore REALNESS to our blighted word ? 😉

    you made coffee shoot out my nose…..

  26. “As it stands right now I’d rank him in the top 3 of the last 100 years.”

    He doesn’t even crack the top 3 of the last 20 years.

  27. Nixon

    In that order.

  28. As Trump would modestly reply… “ NO WAY AM I THIRD. WHO THE HELL ARE THE TWO AHEAD OF ME “ 😉

  29. Ronald ” arms for hostages ” Reagan?


  30. I am surprised Patrick didnt have Reagan ahead of Nixon.

  31. Wouldn’t have any of them in the top 3 of the last 100 years. FDR, Harry Truman, and Ike.

  32. Nixon was the best foreign policy mind of the last century and the first president to engage with the rest of the world from the stance that WWII was actually over. One of the nations staunchest anti-communists he opened China and US relations and changed the course of history.

    Reagan restored Conservatism to the fore of American ideology while creating the foundation of a 20yr economic boom and with Thatcher and the Last real Pope drove a stake into the Soviet Heart.

    Trump has come close to restoring Reagan’s tax structure, he has completely changed the baseline makeup of the higher courts and for the first time in 100yrs he’s tied trade to the reality that The business of America is business. While setting into position what should be a minimum of 20yrs of new growth.

  33. Pat are you sure that’s not a list of the worst presidents

  34. Harry Truman, and Ike. were decent. FDR was a frigging disaster. We are still paying for his mistakes.

  35. Not ranked in order but

    FDR was kind of a wash but when push came to shove he took a big greasy dump all over the axis powers

    Kennedy restore hope and verve when the country was in danger of a bad case of enui

    Johnson did the right thing about social issues

    Clinton stayed out of the way of an economic surge

    Bush 1 did the right thing with taxes even though he knew it would cost him his second term

    Obama put the brakes on the worst economic collapse since the depression

    Nixon was a crook, Reagan was a spend thrift, turnip is the worst part of both of them

  36. LBJ Also ramped up Vietnam big time

    I’m sure he meant well, but he made the wrong decisions ( Not that it would’ve even been possible to make the right decisions Considering that Goldwater and Republicans were more war monger than he was )

  37. Johnson was a WORSE disaster than FDR he destroyed the black community and family.

    Kennedy Inspired but gave us the bay of pigs and vietnam.

    Billy Bob was entertaining and benefited from having Newt run the Congress

    Id’d agree on Daddy Bush except I would add he allowed the Russians to retain their dignity when the Wall Fell and when he had to pull the trigger in the ME he did and did it right.

    GW was cursed and blessed. His domestic side was nonexistent so he allowed Congress to collapse the economy while he ran a perfect war as wars can go. He did good.

    Obama was a Marxist that held the country in the worst depression in our nations history while he seized control of auto companies and one six of the american economy trying to socialize medicine. The icing on the cake was he threw race relations back 40yrs.

  38. Mueller gets sworn in……


  39. The Bay of Pigs invasion was in the works under the Eisenhower administration.Are you saying that you would’ve been opposed To that invasion of a communist occupied country?

    US involvement in Vietnam against Ho started with the Truman administration slowly escalating under Ike And you supported that war until five minutes ago

    US policy towards Vietnam and Cuba was nonpartisan for a long time.

    Your boy Goldwater wanted to use nuclear weapons on north Vietnam;

  40. Kennedy’s execution of the bay of pigs was a disaster they were denied the support they were promised and needed.

    My stance on the Vietnam war has been repeated on this site numerous times. It was fought under the doctrine of credibility. It was fought to test equipment and tactics while proving to the soviets that we were willing to fight just for the sake of fighting.

    It was a dark ugly time and we moved in dark ugly ways. We won every battle and lost the War. It was lost at home and that’s the only place it counts.

  41. Slightly O/T

    “A really good man is going to be the prime minister of the U.K. now, Boris Johnson,” Trump said. “He’s tough and he’s smart. They’re saying, ‘Britain Trump.’ They call him ‘Britain Trump.’ And people are saying that’s a good thing. They like me over there, that’s what they wanted. That’s what they need.”

    Trump’s praise for Johnson suggests that no one in his inner circle has yet worked up the courage to show him the video of the former mayor of London denouncing Trump, during the 2016 campaign, as “clearly out of his mind.” In late 2015, when Trump first called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” Johnson stood in front of a television camera to express his disgust.

    “You can’t ban people going to the United States in that way, or indeed to any country,” Johnson, then London’s mayor, said two days after Trump’s December 7, 2015, campaign speech where he suggested closing America’s borders to Muslims.

    Referring to Trump’s subsequent claim that his ban was justified because immigrants had made parts of London “no go zones” for non-Muslims, including police officers, Johnson went on to say that Trump was “betraying a quite stupefying ignorance that makes him frankly unfit to hold the office of president of the United States.”


    This relationship is going to be so biggly and great.

  42. The Bay of Pigs invasion was a terrible, completely ill conceived idea.

    The exiles expected to initiate a large uprising of support from Cubans, there was none of that. The locals raised the alarm to the government.

    JFK very early in his presidency, shouldn’t have allowed this CIA organized mission to proceed. He deserves praise, not criticism for not escalating it.

    The US got into Vietnam in 1945 when it backed the return of the colonial French government to rule over Asians. Had the anticolonial FDR lived, I’m not sure that he would have done that.

    This, after the Viet Minh aided the US / allies in WW2, including protecting downed US pilots from the Japanese.

    US aid to the French colonial govt and later to South Vietnam increased year over year.
    US military advisers were there from at least 1955.

  43. Castro came to power in 1959.

    During the presidency of Eisenhower, a Republican.

    Notice no criticism of Ike for allowing that to happen, at all.

    Because everything is always Democrats vs Republicans, the same cops’n’robbers, endlessly.

  44. My stance on the Vietnam war has been repeated on this site numerous times. It was fought under the doctrine of credibility. It was fought to test equipment and tactics while proving to the soviets that we were willing to fight just for the sake of fighting.

    There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that that was the case and I suspect that this is opinion presented as fact.

  45. Yes, the above comment is a nonsense.

    The US was correct in that Soviet/Maoist Communism was a great evil, but we completely failed to understand that Vietnam was at its core a ” national liberation ” movement.

    The Vietnamese didn’t want to be ruled by any outsider – French, Chinese, Japanese, American. So of course, we backed the French colonial rulers in 1945.

  46. Yes, Ho Chi Minh was was essentially a socially democratic Vietnamese anti colonial nationalist who had a great admiration for the US:


  47. socially democratic Vietnamese anti colonial nationalist

    Democratic socialist

  48. yeah my comments are nonsense but we got involved in vietnam in 1945……

    I see I hit a nerve…. Kennedy is another untouchable to Phantom as Obama is. Everything both did wrong is someone else’s fault.

    Kennedy did two things right as President he cut Taxes creating gee what a coincidence a 20yr period of growth and he put a inspirational human face on our weapons program with his Space Program.

    Other than that he was crap, he got us committed to troops in vietnam, he was addicted to drugs, and a womanizer. The bay of pigs either should have been done fully or not at all.

    The Cuban Missile crises was another disaster the world doesn’t hold in the proper perspective how close we came to a real ww3. Both sides need credit for that.

    Kennedy had a real problem his intelligence people didn’t trust him or like him the whole network was run by hoover. The Kennedy Presidency is a fascinating study.

  49. As I sit here and watch the circus of Mueller’s testimony one thing has become crystal clear.

    Mueller is not corrupt, he is totally incompetent. It’s sad they should not have put him through this.