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By Pete Moore On July 8th, 2019

After its publication online, links to the article were tweeted out together with partial quotations from the interview – including a truncated version of the quotation regarding China above. We acknowledge that the views of Professor Scruton were not accurately represented in the tweets to his disadvantage. We apologise for this, and regret any distress that this has caused Sir Roger.

The New Statesman issues an apology to Sir Roger Scruton, for the hatchet job its dirtbag hack did on the greatest intellectual of our age.

That’s better then the Tory government, which raced to sack him on the back of those fraudulent tweets, and hasn’t the decency to admit its craven error.


  1. Pete

    But the Head Girl of the government loves her country, her party and is never ever wrong. Or so she keeps telling us.

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