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By Pete Moore On July 8th, 2019

A debate has broken out downstairs on the matter of sport in America. It’s astonishing to think that for a country with so much elsewhere it has so little in sport. That’s proper, actual, interesting and riveting sport. But it wasn’t preordained that the US would become fixated on rubbish sports. It could have have had not just a great game, but the great game. In fact Americans did have it, and then they threw it all away, for shoulder pads, the silly sods.

Squidge Rugby is a favourite channel of mine. He knows his apples and he recently made this potted history of rugby in the US. It’s really interesting. The videos are great. They’re not long, but there’s an awful lot going on in them.

As for rugby’s prospects in America, I’m torn. On the one hand you want the great game to be spread as widely and deeply as possible across the globe. On the other, the US becoming a rugby force might just be too much to bear.


  1. Rugby’s cool.

    No dispute there.

  2. I think the problem for America and rugby is that many of the people who would be inclined to like and play rugby will already be able to play American football. That hampers rugby development in two ways. Firstly they have less players. Secondly the players they do have often do stupid things like tackling like an American footballer. I watched a match between the US and Italy and the Americans had two players sent off for lunatic challenges.

  3. Rugby is for real men.

  4. I would watch Rugby.

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  6. I played rugby in college. It was the only time someone could call me a hooker and I couldn’t deny it. Anyway, they are teaching ‘flag rugby’ to 5 yrs old and up in New Jersey. That’s how girls soccer became so popular in the US so watch out EMEA.

  7. Rugby is for real men.

    I think that’s hurling you’re getting confused with Charles.

  8. Hi mairin, good to see you.

  9. Hi Pete…I see you’re having fun here at ATW 😛 I’m going to be at the USA women’s soccer team ticker-tape parade down the street on Wednesday holding up a sign that says: “Pete Moore luvs you soccer-playing girls no matter what he says on ATW”.

  10. mairin –

    I was only talking about the England team! I saw the last 10 minutes of the final and that was enough to see that the US women are fitter, more athletic, more powerful and more technically and tactically adept than the others.

  11. Oh, ok then. Really looking forward to watching that video on rugby in the USA…need to go home first. Thanks Pete. Good to see you!