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By Pete Moore On July 15th, 2019

The universities are becoming thought-free zones under the tyrannical rule of extreme Left Wing “social scientists” and student unions. Sir Roger Scruton, the great anti-communist hero, recently described the “witch-hunting hysteria” which has returned, not in the Eastern Europe which he helped to liberate but here, in the UK.

It’s more important than ever, therefore, to stare down the snowflakes, progressives and New Left gauleiters who dare to tell other people what they can and cannot think and say. Another brave dissident, Ann Widdecombe, beautifully told the Oxford Union what’s what. We’re all obliged to say exactly what we think. When we hold our tongue or circumscribe what we say for fear of someone choosing to take offence, or because of what others might choose to think of us, we let down humanity –

4 Responses to “WIDDERS IS SO GOOD”

  1. Absolutely right that Ann Widecombe should not only be heard in our University debating chambers, but should be openly welcomed to espouse her views . That her views are batshit crazy is another matter… 😉

  2. The posturing of the arseholes (students and academics) in the universities is taking a toll of British people……..


    Foreign-trained doctors commit six in ten cases of sexual misconduct with patients, even though they make up only a third of NHS medics, shock new figures reveal.

    They accounted for 23 of 38 proven incidents in the past three years, according to figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday. Allegations include indecent behaviour, sexual assault and even rape.

    The alarming statistics have emerged just as the NHS has introduced targets to reduce the numbers of black and ethnic minority staff – almost two-thirds of whom trained abroad – being hauled before disciplinary hearings.

    The figures on sexual misconduct were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act following such high-profile cases as Czech-trained Anush Babu, who spent years secretly filming female patients.

    If you can’t tell from the fact that his name has vowels – Babu is not Czech, but a streetshitter. But who is behind this perversity?


    For the last two years I’ve been covering the rather sordid tale of medical malpractice among ethnic minority physicians, mainly in the UK (see here and here). In 2017, I conducted an analysis of Britain’s Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service’s list of tribunal decisions — an analysis that revealed non-British doctors (25% of the total) were responsible for at least 80% of tribunal cases in 2016, the vast majority of them bearing Muslim, South Asian, or African names. Most referrals to this disciplinary board were due to sexual abuse and related misconduct, negligence, incompetence, drug abuse, fraud, and violence. My explanation for this state of affairs was, and remains, straightforward. Britain, like much of the West, has for decades been subjecting its various public services to the enormous strain of mass migration. Lacking any sensible planning for the future, our governments have irrationally and repeatedly proposed to cure every one of these self-inflicted socio-economic problems via an injection of yet more “diversity.” As such, in contemporary Britain, massive pressures on the National Health Service caused by mass immigration are being “eased” via the mass immigration of dubiously-trained foreign doctors. The main result of this development has been the rapid decline in the quality of service offered by the NHS, the increased danger faced by patients, and the further expansion of multiculturalism into all areas of life.

    Because the real answer, that Blacks and ethnic minority doctors are more dangerous and incompetent, is simply unacceptable in the current zeitgeist, these studies will continue to be commissioned. The latest exercise in futility will be led by Roger Kline, a Research Fellow at England’s Middlesex University Business School. Kline is custom-built to provide an “acceptable” answer to the question of ethnic minority doctors, having previously written of his background:

    My parents were Jewish. … They would be horrified at the post Brexit referendum hysteria which has demonised anyone who looks or sounds different. My parents were part of a generation where such talk led to a slippery slope of attacks, of wearing badges to show you were Jewish, and eventually the concentration camps. We are a very long way from that at present, but the time to stop the slide is now. So that’s where some of my ethics come from and that’s why I am here today. … I owe, we all owe, a great deal to people from every corner of the world without whom the NHS would collapse overnight. Yet despite this, discrimination against such staff whose parents or grandparents are from overseas is rife in the NHS.

    So clearly Dr Kline will be an entirely objective investigator, following the perfectly logical, and not remotely hyperbolic, chain of argument that complaining about and reporting the misconduct of ethnic minority doctors will lead to concentration camps and the overnight collapse of the National Health Service.

    Jews, yet again

  3. Check this out, and stay away from ‘university’ because they’re idiots……


    They were some of Britain’s greatest scientific pioneers. Based at University College London, they developed the first fingerprinting methods, the use of statistics in health and genetics research, early birth-control science and many other key technologies of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

    But now these trailblazers – who include Francis Galton and Marie Stopes – are under investigation. A committee of inquiry has been set up by UCL to probe their links with eugenic causes and to consider if buildings, lecture theatres and libraries named after them should be re-titled.“ UCL has launched the inquiry to ensure that its historical links to eugenics are properly examined,” said a spokeswoman.

    … Joe Cain, professor of history and philosophy of biology at UCL, …was among the first to campaign for Galton’s name to be removed from a lecture theatre. “Galton’s name has been inextricably linked with racist, misogynist and hierarchical ideologies,” he wrote to the university five years ago.

    On his website, Cain quotes from a letter from Galton to the Times, in 1873, in which he claimed Africans were “lazy, palavering savages” who didn’t deserve to keep the land of their birth. “That alone is enough, for me, to disqualify a person from honoured status,” states Cain. “I don’t want to teach in a room named for someone with such a view.”

    Joe Cain, whoever he is, wants to erase the names of Britain’s greatest scientists because…….racism. But time allows us to see if Galton was correct in his assessment that Africans are lazy palavering savages. Given that no African who reaches a white country ever wants to go back to Africa because it’s full of Africans, the answer must be that Galton et al were correct.

    Galton wrote……..


    Sir, – In a few days Sir Bartle Frere will return to England, and public attention will be directed to the East Coast of Africa. I am desirous of availing myself of the opportunity to ventilate some speculations of my own, which you may, perhaps, consider of sufficient interest to deserve publication in the Times. My proposal is to make the encouragement of the Chinese settlements at one or more suitable places on the East Coast of Africa a par of our national policy, in the belief that the Chinese immigrants would not only maintain their position, but that they would multiply and their descendants supplant the inferior Negro race. I should expect the large part of the African seaboard, now sparsely occupied by lazy, palavering savages living under the nominal sovereignty of the Zanzibar, or Portugal, might in a few years be tenanted by industrious, order loving Chinese, living either as a semi-detached dependency of China, or else in perfect freedom under their own law. In the latter case their would be similar to that of the inhabitants of Liberia, in West Africa, the territory which was purchased 50 years ago and set apart as an independent State for the reception of freed negroes from America.

    The rationale, as presented below, is correct. It may be called ‘racist’ but racism is correct:

    The Tropics are not for us, to inhabit permanently; the greater part of Africa is the heritage of people differently constituted to ourselves. On that continent, as elsewhere, one population continually drives out another. Consider its history as it extends over successive centuries. We note how Arab, Tuarick, Fellatah, Negroes of uncounted varieties, Cadre, Hottentot surge and reel to and fro in the struggle for existence. It is into this free flight among all present that I wish to see a new competitor introduced-namely, the Chinaman. The gain would be immense to the whole civilized world if we were to out-breed and finally displace the negro, as completely as the latter has displaced the aborigines of the West Indies. The magnitude of the gain may be partly estimated by making the converse supposition namely, the loss that would ensue if China were somehow to be depopulated and restocked by negroes.

  4. Well she sure makes a lot more sense than those who just want others to hear their point of view.

    It is the same here. Their have, and are, people whose views and beliefs I disagree with but nonetheless read and sometimes comment on. Would I want them to be silenced ? No, not unless they broke site rules. Good healthy debate is vital to a functioning democracy.