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By Pete Moore On July 16th, 2019

You might recall the name of Sarah Halimi. She was the 65 year Jewish woman who was tortured and beaten in her Paris apartment by a muslim who chanted from the Koran while doing so. It ended with him throwing her to her death.

A Muslim man who killed a Jewish woman in an antisemitic attack was probably not criminally responsible because he was high on cannabis, a French judge has ruled.

Another murderous attack, yet another one by someone frying his brain with this powerful poison. Many vicious, murderous attacks are reported and then go quiet. So we don’t realise just how many men and women do the most awful things because of a drug which is far more powerful than most realise.

20 Responses to “ABOUT THAT CANNABIS”

  1. Oh

    So because of a wrong verdict, that means pot turns people into murderers.

    Got it.

    Let’s have some more prohibition.

  2. Pete

    Would you like a few examples of horrible things done by those under the influence of alcohol?

    Bad incidents have happened once or twice.

  3. No Phantom. This is about cannabis. We don’t live in a Cheech & Chong world now. Today’s strains are much more powerful.

    The NHS has opened the UK’s first ever cannabis treatment clinic in response to soaring levels of “skunk”-induced psychosis.

    Users of skunk, an especially potent form of cannabis, are presenting with symptoms of psychosis at an alarming rate according to the psychiatrist leading the pilot clinic based in King’s College London.

    Dr Marta Di Forti described cannabis-induced psychosis as a “crisis” which cannot be ignored.

    A lot of violence, seemingly random, is induced by people deranged on this crap.

  4. I’ve given all that stuff a wide berth since forever

  5. Pete, for once we are in absolute agreement.

    Long term cannabis use leads to serious psychological problem which are exacerbated X times by the synthetically modified new strains.

  6. Pete

    Do you support continued prohibition of pot and other drugs?

    Long term pot use can have all sorts of issues, including lethargy, but that has been known since forever.

  7. Agreed, Pete.

    The world over, tobacco is having its use prohibited and being taxed to hell…for the public good.

    But a much more potent, more dangerous drug is being lauded and legalised…cos it’s cool, man.

  8. Tobacco is legal everywhere that I know.

    Who told you that cannibis was more dangerous?

    An awful lot of people die of tobacco caused lung cancer. And a lot of the restrictions have to do with protecting the broader society from tobacco smoke.

  9. Cannabis use can cause lung disease, if not cancer. Moreover, as Paul has stated, it can cause serious psychological, mental health issues. The current attitude to it v tobacco products is astonishing.

    But, chill out, dude. It’s all ok, man. It’s like cool and stuff.

  10. I don’t support smoking cannibis.

    I oppose Prohibition.

    These views are not in conflict.

    And I suspect that we all know people whose lives have been harmed by alcohol, as well as the lives of their families.

    Neither alcohol, nor tobacco, nor cannibis should be illegal.

    And not for nothing – I oppose the draconian taxes on tobacco. It’s a tax on poor people. Very few well off people would smoke cigarettes these days.

  11. Fair enough. That’s consistent. It’s the double standards that grate with me – I suspect it is politicos trying to be cool rather than having a consistent policy.

  12. I’d want to take pressure off the police and prison system, and take all the profits from all the mafias in all our lands.

    Legalize or decriminalize very many of the ” sin ” substances.

    Again, none of this should be seen as being soft on drugs.

    Many employers here do drugs testing and may fire you if you test positive for illegal drugs. If those drugs are legalized, I think those employers should be allowed to keep doing that. I wouldn’t want a cannibis or cocaine user as a crane operator, even if he wasn’t high at the moment.

  13. I think the Portugese method is at least worth a try:


  14. Yes

    The Portuguese did something brave, and it sure looks to be working to me.

  15. here ya go pete


  16. So based on what you’ve written, above I presume you’re also in favour of ban on alcohol then Pete.


    Or do I get the feeling Pete the hypocrite strikes again.

  17. Pete Moore

    A lot of violence, seemingly random, is induced by people deranged on this crap.

    Yet it’s a fraction of the violence compared to that committed by people who are drunk.

  18. I’m stunned Pete Moore is off message and not claiming what poisoned his mind was Islam.

    The complete story points to a variety of errors, misdeeds and malfeasance. The police holding back from entering the apartment, the failure to deport a drug dealing immigrant, the reluctance of French authorities to label the attack as a hate crime and the questionable claims of diminished capacity due to pot.

  19. Some right wingers remain control freak big government guys on this issue

    Maybe because as with pollution and climate change they see decriminalized drugs as a lefty thing?

    And they have to oppose the left on all issues, Even if it brings them into conflict with their supposed core principles of liberty etc?

  20. I’m stunned Pete Moore is off message and not claiming what poisoned his mind was Islam.

    I’m still in shock. He had a choice of…

    1. Muslim’s ‘innit’ attacks yet another defenceless Jew.
    2. Pathetic Judiciary providing excuse for (see point 1.)

    But went for Evils of a relatively minor drug. :0