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ANTIFA commits TERROR ATTACK in Tacoma

By Patrick Van Roy On July 17th, 2019

These people in our country calling themselves ANTIFA are Terrorist Animals. It is time to Hunt them, Cage them, or Kill Them. They are a threat to the general masses. Please watch the following video and get caught up on who and what these people are.

12 Responses to “ANTIFA commits TERROR ATTACK in Tacoma”

  1. I’ll agree that they their actions class them as terrorist but, I would draw the line about hunting them etc. Just arrest them and lock them up.

  2. They’re violent criminals, brownshirts.

    They’re not anything else, and they’ve never been anything else.

    Act accordingly.

  3. Hunt, Cage, or Kill,

    You have to Hunt them down Mark, then you arrest and Cage them. If they resist you Kill them.

  4. This terrorist was inspired by the violent rhetoric of Ocazio Cortez, Ilan Omar and other anti-American extremists.

    They have repeatedly demonised ICE and described what it does as fascist. They have described the detention centres as concentration camps and whipped up the ultra-left loons.

    Decent, moderate Democrats (if there are any left) must disavow these awful women.

  5. This is linked to the on-going invasion of the US……


    Nearly all of the members and associates of an MS-13 gang charged in the “medieval-style” slayings of seven people in California were in the country illegally, officials said.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles charged 22 people linked to a subset of the vicious gang that’s known as the Fulton clique, members of which are suspected in nearly 200 crimes in several states over 9 years, according to a federal indictment released Tuesday.

    “We have now taken off the streets nearly two dozen people associated with the most violent arm of MS-13 in Los Angeles,” U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna said.

    Of the 22 defendants, 19 had entered the country illegally in the past three or four years, according to Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles.

    Although primitive relative to whites and orientals, hispanics are far more capable than blacks, and here is the result…….

    The brutality involved in some of the alleged killings was also disclosed in graphic detail by authorities. Four of the killings took place in Angeles National Forest. The slayings were carried out using machetes, bats and knives, according to the indictment.

    In one case a member of a rival gang who had been believed to have defaced MS-13 graffiti was targeted and had his heart cut out of his chest, authorities said.

    Cutting hearts out of chests is what Aztecs did. This is now happening on US soil because the invaders are Aztecs

  6. Come on Allan, they only want to make a better life for themselves.

  7. Pete – indeed, and they have the right to do that anywhere. When I asked Paul what he wanted, that is what he said – for people to live wherever they want, regardless. How fucked-up is that for an adult?

    And when I pointed out to Patrick that his country is being invaded and that the Mexican flag is being run up US flagpoles – and I linked to this event – he dropped shit about the threat of Iran 🙂 or something, anything, other than what is really going on, and who is behind it all.

  8. Allan

    I doubt very much that Paul said anyone should be able to live wherever they want. But I am willing to stand corrected if you can find comment(s) where he has specifically said that .

  9. When I asked Paul what he wanted, that is what he said – for people to live wherever they want, regardless. How fucked-up is that for an adult?

    I don’t think I said that at all. As a matter of fact, I think what you’re doing is often what you do with your ‘theories’, you’re taking something based on a truthful premise and twisting it Goebbelsesque into a blatant fucking lie. I think that what I said was that anyone should be free to live where they wish to live as long as they fulfill the requirements to do it legally.

    But congratulations on derailing yet another thread onto your tedious, hoary arseholery.

    Pat, from another thread:

    What I read was that he set fire to an ICE bus at a migrant camp, was chased, fired upon, returned fire and was shot dead.

    I’d call it at best aggravated vandalism. It’s certainly not what I would define as a ‘terror attack’ and I think coming where I’m from I have a bit more experience with such things thaN you.

    And BTW, less anyone should want to twist it think otherwise, stating the facts as I read them isn’t any kind of condoning the vandalism to ICE property

  10. Incidentally, in the interests of balance, I think this is far more worrying than someone burning a bus:


  11. that is frightening Paul

  12. What I find disturbing is that 2500 Surface to Air Missile went missing during the Benghazi raid….

    They are basically one shot laser guided missiles used for shooting down aircraft. It has never been said whether or not these SAMs were ever recovered.