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By Pete Moore On July 19th, 2019

Trailblazers we are.

Let’s be clear: removing stigma around a normal bodily function should be celebrated. Proposals to end the tampon tax, distribution of free sanitary products, better education for boys as well as girls, and the introduction of menstrual leave are all positive moves towards ensuring women are not held back by their periods […]

Menstruation can, however, exacerbate incapacitating physical or mental health problems including endometriosis and depression.

There was a time when women couldn’t do important stuff, because their hormones sent them mad every month. Or that’s what sexist old throwbacks thought. That idea was shouted down and society got on board with/was hectored into thinking differently. Now The Guardian is telling us that women need time off work each month because their hormones are sending them mad.



  1. this throwback mentality is even more obvious on American campuses. I was talking to a friend on the radio the other day. A buddy I know fills in on a couple of local talk stations and I was hanging out with him at the station he was broadcasting from a satellite studio that is literally right down the street.

    He had a guest on I can’t recall the guys name a nice black gentleman that is writing a book this very subject. The discussion was about how Campuses are actually destroying the progress we have made in a over a dozen areas.

    The one that took up the most conversation is how campuses have resorted to segregation and they are celebrating it. The big thing they are bragging about is how they have black only Dorms.