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By Pete Moore On July 19th, 2019

I’d suggest “hijacked” is more appropriate –


  1. false flag….. Americans dressed as Aliens swooped in with one of our cloaked ships and teleported it into the Iranian port to make the Iranians look bad…… sssshhhhh

  2. Emergency COBRA, (ooh, scary) meeting to discuss it:


    Things hotting up in the Strait of Hormuz.

  3. It seems that another tanker has been hijacked and is heading toward Iran.

    Glad I filled up the motor on the way home.

  4. Of course this is a response to the British impounding of Iranian ship Grace 1 earlier this month.

    I don’t accept that the Brits had any authority to seize that vessel.

  5. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have threatened to seize a British oil tanker in retaliation to an Iranian ship being impounded by UK forces off Gibraltar


  6. Phantom –

    We have the highest authority. That of the EU no less, and we know that without he EU there is only war and no food in Europe.

    Last week we acted because we had reasonable grounds to believe that this vessel was taking actions in breach of established EU sanctions against Syria.

    These actions would be contrary to the law of Gibraltar, as the EU sanctions are contained in an EU regulation which has been directly applicable in Gibraltar since 2012 …

    As the sanctions being enforced are established by the European Union, I wrote immediately after the detention of the vessel to the Presidents of the European Commission and of the European Council, Mr Junker and Mr Tusk, setting out which EU Sanctions we have enforced.

  7. The Iranians are miscalculating here. There are 4 Iranian nationals now imprisoned in Gibralter, and it has been announced by a court in Gib that the tanker and crew shall be detained for another 30 days. I have no idea where the court gets its ‘authority’ but Iran is concerned for its citizens and this is where their government miscalculates: they assume that the UK government would be equally concerned for its citizens when, in reality, all that the UK wants is to stir up the shit on behalf of the US and its controller in Tel Aviv.

  8. This news will cheer up John Bolton no end.

  9. Two UK tankers have been seized. This is a provocation of the first order and it’s not hard to forsee how it could lead Prime Minister Joihnson to abandon UK support for the Iran nuclear deal and line up with Trump, something which he probably wants to do anyway. No doubt the wily Iranians have already built that into their calculations. It seem that they are spoiling for a fight, or at least the Revolutionary Guard are anyway.

    “Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he is “extremely concerned” by the seizure of two tankers by Iran. The Stena Impero is British-flagged and the Mesdar is Liberian-flagged but British owned.”


  10. Well I have got to say, that was unexpected – NOT !!

    If they do not have a genuine reason to detain the vessel then they have committed piracy.

  11. Pete: “I’d suggest “hijacked” is more appropriate –”
    Pete: “It seems that another tanker has been hijacked and is heading toward Iran.”

    Is there any international dispute that Theresa May can’t make worse?

    She made wild unsubstantiated claims about Russia’s involvement in the Skripal false flag operation.

    Now she’s triggered an escalation of the situation in the Gulf with her illegal arrest of an Iranian tanker at Gibraltar.

    This stupid woman has resigned, can’t someone prise her withered fingers away from the levers of power.