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A Saturday Silly

By Patrick Van Roy On July 20th, 2019

Funny and True

12 Responses to “A Saturday Silly”

  1. I believe that Donald Trump is on record as having taken one private jet Trip to Epstein’s sex slave island

    This isn’t just about Bill Clinton

    Is it isn’t just about Epstein

    It’s about a lot of very bad men In wealthy society , Not just Americans either

  2. I want to know why it’s not racist that since day one of Trump running they’ve made fun of the color of his skin……

  3. It’s simple Pat he chooses to make himself look like a vain hipster

  4. another anti-orange people racist heard from……

  5. hey EP what’s the temp in your neck of the woods…?

    Hotter than hell down here

  6. It’s only 30 real degrees about 85 in your backwards method

  7. not bad

  8. It’s 86 degrees here, in real temperature.

    It’s paradise.

  9. It’s 33 deg C (91.5 deg F) all day here (Slovenia). I like the heat, but the humidity at 65% is suffocating. The locals can handle it, but you can see the tourists flagging all over town.

  10. You should visit the Melania Trump statue


  11. Right, I heard about that. Everyone here is laughing at it.

  12. so who was inspired to carve a statue of the Bell…? even with a chainsaw ?