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What do you think proper, response, or not ?

By Patrick Van Roy On July 20th, 2019

41 Responses to “What do you think proper, response, or not ?”

  1. How dare he hit Allan like that

  2. I updated the post better video

  3. Goddamit, how dare that clown headbutt Buzz’s fist.

  4. How is the guy a “Lib Loon” Patrick? The bible is not a “Lib Loon” prop. I thought all the conspiracy nutters are Rightard followers of Alec Jones and worse?

    Anyway, great response from Buzz Aldrin.

  5. This event happened in 2002!


    As one of the commenters here said, Aldrin helped the nut to see stars

    There are references to similar kooks who harassed John Glenn and others

  6. Sibrel Apparently apologized to Buzz Aldrin, Saying that he also had a good punch!

  7. I didn’t see it then and the post above gives no reference as to when it took place. Being that today is the 50th anniv of the Landing I do believe it’s relevant.

    Peter you’d have to ask Oliver McGee PhD MBA @OliverMcGee why the guy is a Lib Loon.

    I think it’s obvious he’s some kind of loon…..

  8. Phantom, on July 20th, 2019 at 11:27 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Sibrel Apparently apologized to Buzz Aldrin, Saying that he also had a good punch!

    He did try and Sue him first… the Judge threw it out.

  9. Yep

    If you are a famous person, You have to worry about the nuts that are out there

    Aldrin here tried very hard to avoid any confrontation. His response was admirable.

  10. he walked away at least 3 times

  11. I think that any list of “coolest living Americans” probably has to lead off with Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and Chuck Yeager. Don’t you?

    Mike Vaccaro, sports columnist, NY Post

  12. those are 3 names that are hard to top…..

  13. Chuck Yeager the best test pilot we had and the one man that they specifically did NOT want in the Space Program…..

  14. And yet, when I punched someone for provocation at least as bad is this, you called me a thug Patrick.

  15. I don’t think I heard about this

    What happened

  16. Dave mugged someone……. 😉

  17. I’m waiting for Allan to come along and explain how the “ Buzz Punch “ didn’t really happen….

  18. Phantom,

    //What happened//

    It came up a while ago in conversation, when I was explaining how I was arrested for assault.

    A guy a bar basically wouldn’t leave me alone. Despite me walking away from him several times, he kept coming over to me and was in my face insulting me and and eventually pushing me and prodding me. I think he thought he was safe because he had his friends with him. although his friends didn’t help him out much when I punched him. Unfortunately I hit him harder than I intended to, and he needed a trip to hospital.

  19. Dave

    You missed out the bit about him being a 90 year old blind man and he was only following you because he was trying to give you back the wallet you had dropped 😉

  20. Colm.

    Don’t exaggerate mate. He was only 85 and partially sighted, and he was pretty fit for his age. 😁

  21. Lunar antifa violently shutting down freedom of speech.

  22. hand to hand for the Space Command….

  23. oh and one difference here Dave is Buzz is the 80yr old man……

  24. Whether an action is right or wrong doesn’t change based on your age Patrick.

  25. True….. Aldrin should have just kept walking.

  26. Also Dave if you read my comments nowhere do I condone Aldrin’s behavior…..

  27. Patrick
    //True….. Aldrin should have just kept walking.//

    I don’t think you really believe that, and to be honest, neither do I.
    But the lefty in me agrees that violence should really be the last resort.

  28. Aldrin acted admirably

    He had been stalked by this bible thumping jerk before, he here makes numerous attempts to avoid any confrontation.

    Aldrin, and anyone else, has a right to walk without being badgered insulted and molested.

    It wasn’t an option to keep on walking. He would have been followed.

  29. true….. on all counts

    that’s to both of you

  30. I don’t think that there is a jury on the face of the earth that would’ve convicted Aldrin here, Or a prosecutor so wicked as to bring a case against him

    He’s a good man.

  31. To be fair Phantom I’m not sure the judge should have let Aldrin off scot-free.
    Should have given him some sort of punishment such as community service, maybe a week rubbing suntan oil into topless supermodels models at a photoshoot, or checking the quality of food for free, at the US’s finest restaurants.

  32. !!

  33. Patrick

    I am interested in why you say that NASA didn’t want the great test pilot Yeager to be an astronaut

    I did a little reading around and I heard reports That he never became an astronaut because

    a) He never wanted to be in one of the Gemini capsules, because crew in those early craft Could not control their movement in any way. He was a master pilot, and he wanted to have some control

    b) His formal education ended at high school. I am told that NASA required prospective astronauts to have a college education. This was a complete bullshit rule, since Yeager could have taught a graduate course after his experience and After the advanced training that he had received in the military, but that was the rule at the time

  34. I read something many years ago that claimed that Chuck Yeager wanted to be an astronaut, but wasn’t smart enough.

  35. I’d doubt that

    He was a master pilot, who broke a number of speed records in test aircraft

    He was from rural West Virginia, And might not have always been the most polished guy in the room. But he was probably the smartest guy in most rooms that he set foot in

    He rose from private to general

    He was shot down over France, escaped with the aid of the the French resistance, fought again, shooting down five German planes in one day

    Amazingly, this WW2 vet and great pilot is still with us at the age of 96

  36. Chuck Yeager was the number 1 pilot at the time of Gemini/Mercury/Apollo no one could touch him. He was the most qualified subject for the Space Program.

    Whether or not he wanted to be one I doubt we will ever know. At the very start of the Astronaut Program his name was first on the list. The Pentagon immediately blocked it. Yeager had a personality quirk he liked to tell people the truth when they didn’t want to hear it, and he didn’t care about rank. The Astronaut by the very nature of the program were to constantly be in front of cameras and microphones. They viewed his mouth as an unacceptable risk.

    There was an argument at the beginning of the program whether to use apes or men they settled of course on men, but later a bunch of reporters were interviewing 2 of the astronauts in a bar. (there was a hole in the wall they hung out at) one of the reporters made a snide remark that the astronauts were just glorified monkey’s belittling them saying basically a monkey could do what you could.

    Yeager leaned over and said to the reporter “The difference between these guys and a chimp, they KNOW they are sitting on top of 100,000 gallons of liquid explosives that can blow up at any second…. think you could do that?”

    Yeager is one of our best and brightest. Never doubt it.

  37. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NqLOBPl_zLc

    I find him exceptionally interesting to listen to

    Like Feynman, he breaks it all down so that the average person can understand it, it thinks that he can

  38. See the interview from105 or so

  39. Or thinks that he can

  40. Thank you Tom, I just watched the whole thing. Never saw it before. I’ve read a shitload on yeager and come to think of it when I did the internet as it is now didn’t exist.

    Thank you once again….. (now I’ll be scouring video archives for interviews, that was great)

  41. You’re welcome

    It’s amazing how many good televised interviews are available on the web