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By Patrick Van Roy On July 24th, 2019

Here is the perfect 3 min evaluation of the Mueller Report….

One Response to “Perfect”

  1. It’s a demolition, possibly controlled, and we’re supposed to believe that this senile old man has drafted a reliable investigation into ‘Russian meddling’?


    Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller frequently appeared confused during his much-anticipated Capitol Hill testimony Wednesday.

    Mueller, who is often celebrated in the media for laser-like thinking, had to ask lawmakers to regularly repeat their questions, seemingly struggling to pay attention.

    At other points, Mueller got confused about whether the members of Congress were asking him questions or if they were reading from his own report.

    In just the first 90 minutes of the hearing, Mueller needed help understanding questions more than 10 times.

    Note to Phantom – who is NOT celebrated for laser-like thinking: I have linked to Grabien on a previous occasion though that was on a Turkish thread