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By Pete Moore On July 25th, 2019

I’ve been sat in a tractor all day. Being an adult, I thought about the day ahead before I left home. So I slapped on a bucket of Factor 50, wore a hat and had gallons of water in there. But- oh, it seems I shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

Doh, I should have parked the tractor in my living room, so I could work from home. These bedwetters really need to be told to shut up. Then given a history lesson. Much of the British Empire, the greatest gift to an undeserving world, was 30+ degrees by the time the chai wallah had breakfast knocked up. It was 40+ degrees while we watched the coolies build our roads, railways and ports. We didn’t paint the word pink by working from home. Or doing nothing, which is what it really means. That’s for workshy communists, students, Labour MPs and other wrong’uns.

15 Responses to “SOCIALIST LOONS”

  1. Check her background…….


    Pidcock was born in North Shields, North Tyneside and raised in New Hartley and Seaton Delaval, Northumberland.[2] Her parents were both active in politics. Her mother Mary was a social worker while her father Bernard was an office manager[3] who sat on Northumberland County Council from 2008 until he died in February 2019.[4] As a young child she attended demonstrations with her parents against the then prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, and against apartheid.[5] Pidcock has stated, “From a very, very young age I was taught to see everything through a political lens and through a class lens”, and that at school she was known as “the political one” and a “swot”.[6]

    She studied politics at Manchester Metropolitan University,[7] and was a mental health support worker before working within, then managing, the education team at anti-racism charity Show Racism the Red Card.[7] She completed an MSc in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development at Northumbria University in 2012, with research focusing on Children’s Institutions in Bulgaria.[8] Pidcock was a councillor for Cramlington Eastfield ward on Northumberland County Council, losing her seat to the Conservative Party candidate in the 2017 UK local elections.[7]
    Parliamentary career

    Only weeks prior to the 2017 United Kingdom general election, Pidcock was selected to stand for Labour in the safe seat of North West Durham, when the previous MP, Pat Glass stood down.[9]

    A feminist,[10] she said in her maiden speech, that the Palace of Westminster dated from “a time when my class and my sex would have been denied a place in it, because we are deemed unworthy”

    Ok – now the stupidity makes sense

  2. Working from home is a highly credible option for many these days. If you work at a computer, you can be just as productive from the kitchen as you are at the work station.

    Some companies force people to work from home once in a while, just to be sure that they know how to do it.

    That said, not sure that a heat spell requires yet more government rules

  3. This post is utter nonsense even by Pete Moore’s standards.

  4. A feminist making a maiden speech he said

  5. If Pete had even taken the time to listen to what she said he’d realise his “adult” advice is banned in certain places, where people are literally told by their bosses they can’t have water on them during this heat.

    How would you have fared all day in the tractor without water Pete?

  6. Why would any employer say such a thing?

    What time of business ?

  7. Certainly when I worked in a factory we weren’t allowed bottles on the shop floor. There are some legitimate reasons for it – no employer wants so moron of an employee to pour water or coke all over his £1M piece of machinery.

  8. How would you have fared all day in the tractor without water Pete?

    Boss: “Pete, it’s the hottest day of the year but you can’t have water in the tractor.”

    Me: “Find someone else to drive it.”

  9. And for those not financially secure enough to say that to their boss?

  10. “Find someone else to drive it.”

    Come on, self respect costs nothing.

    Anyway, who are these people trying to dehydrate their employees and colleagues? Do they exist? Can we have names?

  11. Here, I see people with water bottles at work everywhere.

    Indoors and out.

    Employers must all be wonderful and smart here.

  12. “Come on, self respect costs nothing.”

    Nonsense. It costs plenty. It shouldn’t cost anything but it still does cost stuff. And if an employer is shit enough to deny a worker basic human treatment then they are shit enough to sack the employee should they complain.

    For example:


  13. Ambulances or paramedics had to be called 110 times to one Sports Direct warehouse between January 2013 and April 2016. That’s nearly 3 per month.

    And the same report found “Although Sports Direct is a particularly bad example of a business that exploits its workers in order to maximise its profits, it is unlikely that it is the only organisation that operates in such a way”.

    Most employers are good employers and would treat their staff with respect and make reasonable allowances on hot days. Not all employers are good employers though.

  14. And if an employer is shit enough to deny a worker basic human treatment then they are shit enough to sack the employee should they complain.

    True dat.

  15. I’m WFM today but I wish I were sat on a tractor.