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By Pete Moore On July 26th, 2019

Because Friday night is Music Night

Another week done at the coalface of capitalism. Another few hundreds gallons of Gaia’s natural fuel burned. I love that it gets loud when I put my right foot down. Broom broom!

Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend. The Tour went a bit mental today. Tomorrow is essential viewing. As always, feel free to share your fav sounds down below. If simple, great Rock n Roll doesn’t inspire, nothing will –


  1. Spectacular choice. The genius of Knox.

    I’m listening to the first album of this lot as we speak:


    Saw them live over here last year in a tiny, tiny venue. Great gig. Fay’s still a babe too.

  2. The Rezillos! Fay Fife always had great legs. Superb pins.

    Paul, have I asked you what your wife and daughters think of your taste in music? Do they share it or leave it to you?

  3. All my girls love the music I love to varying different degrees. My youngest’s favourite band of all thime is the Clash and my second girl listens to the Specials and Stiff Little Fingers literally every day although they all also have more contemporary likes too.

  4. You can’t do better than that.

  5. For me arguably the finest female voive in punk rock:


  6. just what’s playing in the background…. Badfinger


  7. Paul

    Celebrity connection fact ! My parents new Poly Styrene. She once babysat my younger brother when I went out somewhere with my mum and dad.

  8. PS should read …. knew Poly Styrene !

  9. Charles….

    High court allows use of Pentagon funds for border wall


  10. Poly Styrene….. you were babysat buy a piece of styrofoam….. ?

  11. Great day!

  12. Patrick

    Not me, my brother. He got the pop star. I got the pervert. I was babysat when I was about 5 by an 18 year old who tried to get me to touch his you know what !

  13. Simon and Garfunkel early hit:


  14. That explains a lot Colm!!

  15. I could have been traumatised by the experience Charles, instead I just developed a smutty mind 😉

  16. Never heard that Vibrators song before…superb!

    Here’s another band from around that time, I think one of my favourite guitar solos ever apart from the one in “teenage kicks”:

  17. you’re a good twisted man Colm.

  18. Hey Frank!

  19. Pachebel is only known for this, not fair, but not a bad epitaph.


  20. Handel conducted his music from the piano, just as here, in the Water Music. Conductors were a late 19th century creation.


  21. My parents new Poly Styrene. She once babysat my younger brother when I went out somewhere with my mum and dad.

    Major boasting rights Colm.

    Frank, one of the classics of all time. I actually envy people hearing AGAP for the first time because I remember how I felt when I heard it for the first time.

  22. But nothing will ever beat this, JS Bach Brandenberg 3:3. The mathematics are a joy to listen to.


  23. My contribution, in honour of Boris.


  24. Some great classical links Peter, as always.

  25. I just stumbled onto this Live recording


  26. Schubert’s Standchen has been played and sung many ways. But this interpretation by Franz Liszt is my favourite. It was composed decades after Schubert died:


  27. Here is the most perfect classical piano piece you will ever hear. Beethoven Piano Concerto number one, slow movement. Ten minutes of pleasure.