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By Pete Moore On July 30th, 2019

What a nice surprise for the autistic Swedish 16 year old. She was invited to address the UN (weren’t we all?), but she doesn’t fly, because of all the carbons and stuff. But good news is at hand.

The teenager will make the journey aboard the Malizia II, a high-speed 18-metre (60ft) yacht built to race around the globe […]

Thunberg and her father will make the crossing with captain Boris Herrmann, Monaco royal family member Pierre Casiraghi and a Swedish documentary maker, Nathan Grossman. The journey is expected to take about two weeks.

Good for Greta, who is in no way an autistic pawn being used to propagandise, that a bunch of mega-millionaires just happened to have a spare yacht, courtesy of the Yacht Club De Monaco.

But I do wonder: two weeks by yacht or a few hours on a plane which is scheduled to travel anyway; which choice produces the fewest carbons?

19 Responses to “CAN’T SHE WALK ON WATER?”

  1. Have to agree with you on this one Pete.

  2. Apparently the racing yacht has solar panels and underwater turbines to power the boat so doesn’t actually pump out much carbon.

  3. Seamus

    I do however find that the deification of this schoolgirl is a bit creepy and exploitative don’t you think ?

  4. Absolutely. I’m not a fan of the cult of personality wherever it may lie. She is young, enthusiastic and articulates her (correct) message well. The cult of personality that has grown around that with grown adults almost queuing up like teenage girls at a boy band concert is as you say creepy.

    What I find most ridiculous is the efforts her opponents, including some on this site, go to criticise or attack an autistic child, simply because she supports a cause they oppose. Say what you want about her but she seems to cause the flat earthers a lot of problems and that can be nothing but good.

  5. Much of the ‘Green Agenda’ is driven by corporates to our the money that hasn’t been filched through taxation in its many forms, and yet the real environmental damage is done by these same corporates – plastics, GMOs entering the ecosphere, and this one probably above all…….


    Currently, the rain forest is being destroyed at the rate of 3 football fields per minute. The rain forest has already lost 17 percent of its tree cover. Scientists report that when deforestation reaches 20 to 25 percent the rain forest converts to savanna and loses its ability to absorb carbon. But the concerns expressed at Brazil’s National Institute of Amazonian Research are not as important to Bolsonaro and his cronies as the profits temporarily gained by destroying the rain forest along with the many species dependant on the habitat of the rain forest.

    The policies for which a small handful of Brazilian capitalist gangsters, backed by Washington, are responsible will have massive effects and impose massive costs on the rest of mankind. More melting of ice and release of methane, rising and more acidic oceans, drought, water stress, more intense storms all of which affect food production. The extinction rates of species increase. The external costs are many and massive. The profits of the capitalists from plundering the Amazon rain forest will be exceeded a billion times over by the external costs imposed on the rest of the world by a handful of Brazilian political gangsters.

  6. …..to seize our money……

  7. Seamus

    Don’t get me wrong. I admire her very much. Well done to her for her spirit and determination and beliefs. It’s the celebrity genuflectors that latch on to her I don’t respect.

  8. It is almost like a reverse messiah complex. Rather than everyone having the mindset where they are the saviour of mankind there seems to be a modern trend towards everyone looking to follow then next one.

  9. A Journey across the Atlantic, even in Summer, is no easy thing. She will soon realise, if there is a storm, that Mother Nature can be a real B!tch no matter how nice, St. Greta wants to be to her.

  10. Say what you want about her but she seems to cause the flat earthers a lot of problems and that can be nothing but good.

    My sentiments exactly. If she can give people PM a taste of their own wind up medcine then that can’t be bad.

  11. //A Journey across the Atlantic, even in Summer, is no easy thing.//

    It’s generally much easier than people think, although May-June is usually the most reliable time.
    The opinion you hear from people taking sailboats from Britain accross the Atlantic is that the only difficult part is crossing the Bay of Biscay. After that the biggest problem is boredom.

  12. I’d love to cross the Atlantic by ship.

  13. Two weeks in a small, cramped space with a couple of other people. Sounds literally like my personal version of hell.

  14. I spoke with a number of Irish people who made the Atlantic crossing when emigrating to America, in the last days of such ocean crossings, in the late forties and fifties.

    They had fun.

    On these non luxury liners, they had pubs, they had games, they had films and they had the glorious sea air to breathe in every day, and the Statue Of Liberty to greet them when they arrived here.

    In the Navy, I cruised the Med, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and am so glad that I got to see that. Even the English Channel and Irish Sea ferry crossings were cool. Love the sea.

  15. The only difficult part is crossing the Bay of Biscay

    I’ve crossed the Bay of Biscay on the Santander / Cork ferry. It’s pretty magnificent and completely treacherous.

  16. “On Tuesday, a bridge collapsed as flash flooding hit part of North Yorkshire when a month’s rain fell in four hours. The Army was drafted in to help with clean-up efforts in Grinton after storms left scores of homes, roads and businesses flooded.”

    The Met Office said 19mm of rain fell in the North West between midnight and 08:00 BST on top of heavy rain which deluged the region on Sunday and Monday. The A555 was closed on Monday as half a month’s rain fell in parts of the region in 24 hours…”


  17. “The UK’s highest-ever temperature has been officially recorded in Cambridge, the Met Office has confirmed. Cambridge University Botanic Garden measured 38.7C (101.7F) on Thursday beating the previous UK record of 38.5C (101.3F), set in Kent in 2003.”

    Note this was recorded in a public park, so let’s not hear any denialist bullshit about “urban heat island temperature lies”.


  18. Just read the first sentence if you can’t be bothered to read the rest:

    “An updated analysis of the annual UK temperature records from the Met Office shows that since 1884 all of the UK’s ten warmest years have occurred since 2002; whereas none of the ten coldest years have occurred since 1963. These figures are further indications of a changing climate, says the Met Office.

    In the latest annual State of the UK Climate report, the Met Office temperature series for the UK has now been extended by 26 years back to 1884. The data has been added as part of ongoing projects to digitise historic weather records.

    Dr Mark McCarthy is the head of the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre. Commenting on the extension of the temperature series, he said: “Looking back further into the UK’s weather reveals a very interesting timeline with the top ten warmest years at the most recent end, since 2002. Extending the record back by 26 years from 1910 to 1884 didn’t bring in any new warm years, but it did bring in a number of new cold years, including several that are now within the top ten coldest years. Notably, 1892 is the coldest year in the series, when the average temperature was just over seven degrees. By contrast 2014, which was the warmest year in the series, saw an average temperature approaching ten degrees Celsius.”


  19. Phantom,

    More of a train man myself. Best mode of transport.