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By Pete Moore On July 31st, 2019

A 79-year-old woman has been given a 10-day jail sentence after she was repeatedly cited by police for feeding stray cats in her Ohio neighbourhood […]

In July 2015, she was convicted of violating City Ordinance 505.23, which bans feeding stray animals.

Americans can be assured that they, at last, have enough laws. Beyond city ordinances banning the feeding of stray animals, there simply can’t be anything left to regulate.

10 Responses to “LAND OF THE FREE!”

  1. here ya go Pete…. 3 minutes of Grandma’s bad day…. enjoy


  2. Stray animal lovers will often leave food out at night, which attracts mice and rats.

    Would you like to live next door to someone who kept 22 cats? Who let the waste build up?

  3. Pete would happily live next door to Charles Manson, Myra Hindley, Jimmy Saville and Fred and Rose West…. just as long as they were Brexiteers 😉

  4. It’s no fun living near one of those cat ladies.

    She has rights, but what about the rights of the neighbors, Pete? Why not blog about that?

  5. In 1985, the Anglosphere made great efforts to feed 45 million Ethiopians: now there are 135 million of them, and they do damage wherever they go. Surely the same lesson applies to silly cat-ladies?

  6. Having a law against feeding stray animals is wrong because Pete Moore says it is.

  7. Why was the law put in place ? One would assume that, as Phantom has alluded too, on environmental health grounds which, to me seem reasonable. If she was warned not to do it and continued then she has no one to blame but herself.

  8. Feeding stray animals causes problems, not just for the neighbors…but for the stray animals.


  9. never feed feral animals….. you throw nature out of balance.

  10. Patrick Van Roy,
    //never feed feral animals….. you throw nature out of balance.//

    Mankind’s imposing existence on this planet, throws nature out of balance all the time Patrick.