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By David Vance On August 2nd, 2019

Wonder what you make of the news that former “Saved by the Bell” start Mario Lopez is facing the axe from his Access Hollywood hosting gig before it’s even begun because he said …gasp...transgenderism shouldn’t be imposed on 3-year-old children. Makes you wonder if, and this is an outlier, Hollywood is a paedo infested sh*thole? The very idea that transgenderism is in any way an appropriate issue for 3-year-olds beggars belief. Of course, their innocence MUST be protected, but with the LGBT lobby inveigling its agenda into primary schools,  is it really that surprising that even a 3-year-old child is to be targetted with this noxious propaganda? I say allow children to be children in their tender years.

4 Responses to “HOLLYWOOD BABYLON”

  1. thou shall not speaketh against thy agenda if thou do ye shall be crucified

  2. The right wing outrage mob are apparently triggered by the fact that Lopez apologized.

  3. “Makes you wonder if, and this is an outlier, Hollywood is a paedo infested sh*thole?”

    What does transgender got to do with sex? If you treat a male child as female are you sexualising them? And if you are is it not the same as if you treat a male child as male?

  4. This issue is absolutely nothing to do with paedophilia or indeed the wider issue of LGBT adult rights and equality. He is however perfectly entitled to his absolutely sensible opinion and shouldn’t have apologised for the views at all. His comments shouldn’t have even been regarded as controversial and its cowardly of his new TV show employers not to support him