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31 years at # 1

By Patrick Van Roy On August 2nd, 2019

here is a 20 minute interview that shows why Limbaugh has been number one for as long as he has. The ease of delivery and comfort he is in his skin as he gives the best political analysis in the country. A true master of the medium of radio…. the man who saved it, Rush Limbaugh

24 Responses to “31 years at # 1”

  1. He saved what?

    Most young people today barely know what a radio is. They stream music via smartphones.


  2. When Limbaugh came on the scene 31 years ago Am radio was in complete collapse. He saved it.

  3. No.

    AM and FM radio is vastly weaker than it was 31 years ago.

    The company that handles Rush ( Iheart ) went bankrupt in March 2018

    Terrestrial radio is like paper newspapers, it is the victim of internet technology

  4. I take no pleasure in saying that because I love radio

    But I’ve shown this here before – you can buy radio stations at 5 or 10 cents on the dollar now as compared to 25 years ago. That would not be the case if the medium was healthy

    Very many stations will go dark over the next ten years.

    It stinks.

  5. For many years, WABC AM NY was the biggest money maker in US radio.

    They were a top 40 music station that had a second life as a talk radio station. Limbaugh came to national prominence at that station.

    It was recently sold for a very measly $12.5 million dollars.


  6. The industry is going through a rough time right now, but 30 years ago it was worse, the last 20yrs of radio have boomed, and he started it as they dropped the fairness doctrine.

    What it’s experiencing now is just a business cycle and the last 3 yrs have been a mess.

  7. There are very few personalities that have a national scope. Rush is the last, Stern went satellite and Bell is dead.

  8. What got young people into radio was music

    But few young people do that now.

    Radio has been completely upended by Spotify etc.

  9. The music on radio is having a very rough time. Much worse than newsprint. Both industries are trying to figure how to transition. Paper can go away but they need to be able to attract people to have a radio playing in the background, because it no longer has to be radio all music anymore is self programed and ran electronically by the consumer themselves.

  10. I listen to radio stations on stream ( via radio.com, tunein, etc ) 99% of the time.

  11. same

  12. you’ll like this….


  13. You keep believing Limbaugh is number one like a good little sheople

  14. You keep believing Limbaah is number one like a good little sheople

  15. baa baa black sheep have you any wool

  16. Tulsi Gabbard might be the Democrats’ best hope in 2020:

    “In a sense, they’re right to be scared of Gabbard. She feels like a genuinely fresh force in Democratic politics. A former soldier who served in Iraq, and now the Democratic member of the House of Representatives for the 2nd congressional district of Hawaii, she represents a challenge both to the old militaristic US establishment and to the newer, more woke wing of the establishment…”


  17. Chuck Scarborough on MSNBC was ripping the skin off the woke Democrat candidates for disrespecting what Obama did on health care and other things.

    The Dems are mostly a circular firing squad now, with machine guns, apart from Biden and maybe Gabbard.

  18. “Her anti-authoritarianism was on full display in her showdown with Kamala Harris this week. She dragged Harris for her record as Californian attorney general from 2011 to 2017. During that time, thousands of people were incarcerated for marijuana possession (and yet Harris effectively admitted that she herself has smoked dope), numerous people were kept in prison for unnecessarily long periods of time, and Harris withheld evidence that would have freed someone from death row. Gabbard’s confrontation with Harris won her many new fans and also helped to puncture the shallow identitarian cheering of Harris that has been happening on Twitter and elsewhere for the past few weeks.

    Gabbard is a candidate worth supporting. She wants the US to reject identitarian division and ‘reclaim patriotism’, she wants an end to American wars, she likes freedom of speech, and she’s not afraid to call Islamist terrorism by its name. If I was American, I’d vote for her.”


  19. Phantom, on August 2nd, 2019 at 7:40 PM Said:

    AM and FM radio is vastly weaker than it was 31 years ago.

    Terrestrial radio is like paper newspapers, it is the victim of internet technology


    Radio, like broadcast television is on a downward spiral.
    Everything, (including entertainment systems in cars), will be on demand within the next 12 years.

  20. Norway got rid of FM radio a short time back.That’s almost unimaginable to me.


  21. they already are. every new car has more ports than a laptop and built in hd and sat radio. They’ve already given up some of the frequency bands for other technologies, but radio will never go away. Terrestrial radio is the best form of communication and entertainment ever invented….

  22. It’s not either/or

    Terrestrial can coexist with Internet streaming radio

    You can be on the other side of the world and listen to your local sports team’s broadcast live, as produced by your local station if you want to, That is totally cool

    And good local stations with weak signals can now Be heard. I like a station called WFUV up in the Bronx. It’s signal struggles to reach Brooklyn. But thanks to streaming, I hear it clear as a bell now

  23. it’s music programing that’s the problem. Radio is just not how people listen to it anymore. Talk and entertainment has to pick up the slack. I would like to see a few FM Talk stations.

  24. Baltimore is more violent than Central America’s most dangerous countries.

    Baltimore: 56 murders per 100K
    El Salvador: 50 murders per 100K
    Honduras: 38 murders per 100K
    Guatemala: 22 murders per 100K

    Elijah Cummings and the rest of the Democrats just need to face the facts!

    Crossing the border illegally into Canada = $5,000 fine

    Crossing the border illegally into Iran = 8 years in jail

    Crossing the border illegally into North Korea = shot dead

    Crossing the border illegally into the U.S. = free everything

    just a couple of bits….