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By David Vance On August 2nd, 2019

It’s been a while so here’s an apt choice, I think. Nick has aged, so have I, but my aim is true.


  1. nice

  2. here ya go David for you……


  3. David

    I do believe that you have mellowed in your absence. Great choice.

  4. Elvis Costello played in Forest Hills last week.

    That’s the small stadium where they used to play the US tennis open, and where the Beatles once played.

    My friend saw the show, and she said it was really good.

  5. Hi Phantom

    I would have loved to be there!


    Thank you for kind words.


    You would not believe the trouble I get into by quoting Red Shoes on my Twitter description!

  6. That was very chilled. As the Jazz fan character on The fast show used to say; ‘nice’.

  7. My favourite Nick Lowe track:


    They had a very low budget for the song’s video so it’s spliced with Lowe’s actual wedding video to model Carlene Carter:


    Apart from this his pioneering work with Stiff Records can never be forgotten.

  8. with Lowe’s actual wedding video to model *and daughter of country music star June and step daughter to Johnny Cash , Carlene Carter:

  9. Paul,

    I have been a life long Nick Lowe fan (since 1977 anyway) and think his work fantastic. Cruel to be Kind is perhaps the zenith of his “Pop” stuff but he’s done so much more. in fact, it is a co-written song that dates back to his time with the Brinsley’s!