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By Pete Moore On August 4th, 2019

Maybe something similar could be reported for the UK –

(I see that Marianne Williamson is a Democratic presidential candidate who has criticised the heavy use of anti-depressants.)

People need a purpose, but many young people born into the richest society ever known in the greatest ever age of plenty have no purpose. A job is a purpose. Learning skills and building stuff is a purpose. Teaching people, looking after your parents, getting married and raising a family. These are all reasons to live decent, constructive lives. The pursuit of such goals comes with its ouwn natural discipline.

Being addicted to computer games, running up vast debts on useless degrees and frying your brain on cannabis happen in lives without purpose. More and more people are looking ahead and seeing a life without purpose.


  1. Marianne Williamson Is actually the most interesting of the Democratic or Republican candidates by a country mile. She was on Bill Maher on Friday ; she spoke well

    Suicide, like rape, is not that easy to measure accurately

    Not all suicides are reported as suicides.

    It may be under reported now, It was probably under reported in the past

  2. For those who may be interested, this is some of what she said


  3. On that cheery note:


    A nationwide poll has revealed that 89 per cent of 16- to 29-year-olds believe that their lives have no meaning or purpose.

    The poll, conducted by Japanese company Yakult and reported by The Sun, also found that 30 per cent of young people believe they are stuck in a rut with 84 per cent saying that they believe they are failing to “live their best life”.

    This ties in with there being no real jobs for men in de-industrialised Britain, and few young women fulfilling their purpose by having children

  4. Marianne Williamson……..

    I keep asking who the hell is this broad…? I never heard of her, what did they just let some rich leftist loon wander into the debates????