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By Pete Moore On August 7th, 2019

35 Responses to “A FAIR POINT HERE”

  1. When did this happen

  2. Why is Pete Moore suddenly concerned about black gun deaths?

  3. He isn’t of course. He is only concerned about deflecting the news away from the spotlight focused on white supremacist hate mass murder. These 2 black female victims are oh so convenient for him.

  4. I agree with this take on El Paso, apart from the strange absence of any comment on the guns issue in the USA:

    “Perpetrator Patrick Crusius, a resident of Dallas, gunned down Walmart shoppers in Cielo Vista Mall, killing 20 people. According to a document posted on 8chan in advance of the attack, Crusius specifically targeted Hispanic people in the name of ‘defending’ Texas from a ‘Hispanic invasion’. He saw his attack as part of a fight against the processes of ‘cultural and ethnic replacement’ in the US. This follows the growing presence of the theories of ‘white genocide’ and ‘cultural replacement’ in right-wing extremist circles…

    Trump’s initial reaction to El Paso was underwhelming, to say the least. He labelled this racist attack merely an ‘act of cowardice’. Trump has also taken the opportunity to emphasise, dubiously, the role of mental-health issues and videogames in mass shootings…

    Trump is anything but a unifying patriot. He plays on a sense of white victimhood. Meanwhile, he denigrates entire areas and communities. A patriotic US president would not label one of his own American cities as a ‘disgusting, rat- and rodent-infested mess’, as Trump did when referring to Baltimore recently. Nor would he be selective in his readiness to call out clear instances of domestic terrorism.

    But the American left, with its holier-than-thou attitude and eagerness to play the blame game, is also in serious need of introspection. Trump’s political ascendancy was partly a backlash to the growing influence of a regressive political left that is utterly obsessed with identity politics…”


  5. The MSM wasn’t silent on it:


    It was all over Twitter, (mostly thanks to the MSM)

    Hope this answers some of your questions.

  6. On the Trump racism issue this guy has a point. Trump is obviously a racist, but the word has been devalued by over-use by the Democrats, including against their own. It seems that Joe Biden and even the saintly Nancy Pelosi are also tainted:

    “In the political sphere, the Democrats have overused the term racism so much that it has become predictable and tired. It is no longer good enough to denounce racism per se – Democrats now feel the need to point out that racism infuses all areas of life. Just listen to Elizabeth Warren during the recent Democratic debate: ‘We live in a country now where the president is advancing environmental racism, economic racism, criminal-justice racism, healthcare racism.’ Race and racial identity matter to Warren – so much so that she lied and claimed Native American ancestry to advance her career.

    Of course, we know that Democrats believe Trump is a racist. That accusation was flung at him time and again during his run for president in 2016, when he was (rightly) castigated for his Obama ‘birther’ allegations, his Central Park Five fearmongering, and his remarks about Mexican rapists, among other things. And today the phrase ‘Trump’s racism’ flows freely, as likely to turn up in news articles as in opinion pieces.

    But the Democrats don’t stop at Trump, or even Republicans, when it comes to making racism allegations. They use the r-word as a weapon against their fellow party members too, if doing so can advance their own standing. Consider how Kamala Harris called out Joe Biden on the issue of race in one of the recent presidential debates: she criticised his work with segregationist Democrats and his opposition to forced school busing. Harris’s attack was a classic in the style of identitarian call-outs. She accused Biden of racism while disingenuously claiming not to do so. She went back far in his history to find some material (1970s busing is not exactly a hot topic today). She claimed that Biden’s old views hurt her personally, making her unassailable…”


  7. Good catch Paul, but as you well know, nothing can be allowed to get in the way of the agenda.

    Especially not facts.

  8. Phantom –

    When did what happen?

  9. Here is a cry of despair from an immigrant in 1991, presumably the sort that Trump would approve of:

    “The recent tragedies have been met with all the usual tropes: hand-wringing by editorial writers; meaningless clichés from the White House and political leaders; calls by the left to ban all guns; calls by the right to stop name-calling. And on and on. None of this counts for anything at all and will be trotted out at the next massacre in exactly the same terms and language as has happened after these tragic events.

    When I arrived in the US in 1991 as an immigrant from England, I felt privileged and excited. America was a country I had visited often and always admired for its humanity, its inclusiveness, its morality and its determination to change itself and the world for the better…

    What I see is a collapse of civility and not just from this White House, although its language and tone continues to astonish me every day. Congress, too, has descended into a morass of dysfunction where name-calling is more the currency than is the passing of legislation (at the lowest level today than for many, many years). And although this is unfair (and I am old too), everyone bloviating on television seems like they are from another century and so irrelevant to this new one…

    This is all unfolding not so much against a background of gun massacres but against the increasing irrelevance of the government and the decisions it makes. For a growing number of Americans, wages have been stagnant or falling for the past 20 years. Corruption in state and local government seems to be running rampant and the growing unequal gulf between rich and poor grows every day. The honest value of fairness seems to have been lost and most Americans realise this has happened, but feel there is nothing they can do that will make any difference.

    Meanwhile the politicians trumpet and blather and appear to have no ideas whatsoever. Reform education to make it relevant for a new generation? Not on the agenda. A national jobs programme to prepare for the many professionals and members of the middle class who will lose their jobs because of technology? Nowhere to be seen. Any measures to address growing income inequality? Not at all…”


  10. //Why is the Mainstream Media Silent ?//

    … he asks, and then in the Twitter stream you see a link to the ABC News article about the killings.


    How come there are so many fools on the right?

  11. Admit it Noel, you didn’t know about the killings until right now.

  12. //Admit it Noel, you didn’t know about the killings until right now.//

    I did. You see, Ivanka told me.


    She’s in deflection mode too.

  13. So, let’s see, The MSM have been silent on the killings apart from,

    The BBC, ABC & CNN.

    I don’t think any further comment is needed.

  14. I am traveling

    When did these murders take place

  15. I am traveling

    When did these murders take place

  16. Phantom, July 30th in Chicago.

  17. Terrence is a great commentator he does posts like this almost daily, I spread his messages as best as I can he has a keen eye.

    When somebody says it isn’t being covered by the news it means it is only getting 30 second spots here and there on the story while the other two shootings are getting 45 minutes an hour.

  18. When somebody says it isn’t being covered by the news it means it is only getting 30 second spots here and there

    No it doesn’t Pat, it doesn’t mean that at all. This is what is means:

    Why is the Mainstream Media Silent ?

    You know what silent means? It’s the oppisite of what the BBC, ABC & CNN were on the story.

  19. The Chicago gun murders have been the subject of sustained reporting in major national media for over a year now, easy

    The El Paso and Dayton shootings merited the major national and international reportage of them

    Again, when the El Paso murderer first entered that Walmart with a loaded rifle in his hands, He was not violating either Texas law or Walmart policy.

    That is a very serious indictment of Texas law and Walmart policy.

  20. A civilian who enters a Store with a loaded rifle in hand Has only one thing on his mind – murder

    And that’s fine according to Walmart and the government of Texas

    Someone could walk into another Texas Walmart Brandishing loaded weapons today, it would be totally legal

    They’re cool with that sort of thing

  21. A civilian who enters a Store with a loaded rifle in hand Has only one thing on his mind – murder

    Yep, and once again, I’ve yet to hear a logical argument as to why anyone would want a military style, semi automatic Bushwhacker long barrel at home.


  22. You never know what you might want to shoot up a local store or nightclub

    Owning such a thing Keeps your options open on a Saturday night

  23. Paul, of course, there is no good reason to have one.

  24. Charles

    What do you think of “ open carry “ in populated areas like El Paso?

  25. I think it’s crazy. In a rural, sparsely populated county it might be ok. To be fair though, I think other states have open carry.

    States that Require a Permit or License to Openly Carry Handguns

    New Jersey27
    Rhode Island29


  26. Charles

    You make way too much sense

    Hi from Cincinnati airport. ( which is in Kentucky ) where my flight home has been cancelled due to massive rain back in Fun City

    Drowning my sorrows in a local IPA

  27. Sit tight and stay away from the opioids Phantom!

  28. Paul, of course, there is no good reason to have one.

    Indeed Charles. I think it’s only for those who see themselves as pretendy soldiers or cops but never had the actual balls to join or as Mahons says, phallic symbolism is rarely mentioned.

    Sit tight and stay away from the opioids Phantom!

    Jesus, guns and an opioid epidemic. That’s a champion recipe right there. What could possibly go wrong?

  29. Small world

    We went past Covington, where the wronged high school kids go to school

    Now for some beer aged in bourbon barrels, very fine

    Support your local brewer

  30. The latest news from the gun belt


  31. a very interesting thread…..

    Thirty-one states, including Colorado, Vermont and Kentucky, allow firearms to be carried openly without a permit, says the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Thirteen states allow open carry with a permit, including Massachusetts and Oklahoma. California and Texas are among the six states that prohibit open carry of any firearm. Keep Learning.
    Which States Have Open Carry Laws? | Reference.com


    Pa is an open carry state, but to carry it concealed you have to have a permit. I am always armed and you’d never know it.

    And know Paul you’re wrong when I say the msm isn’t covering it I mean as does everyone else the story is not being given prominence.

    Of course the story has run or none of us would hear of them, and 99% of shootings don’t make the national news. Phantom says they been complaining about Chicago for a year…. That proves he hasn’t paid any attention to chicago because I’ve been talking about gun violence in chicago for ten years. I made a point of it because that was Obama’s city, but no one else makes a fuss over it especially the anti-gun nuts.

    They don’t talk about for several reasons First it’s all black on black crime, second it’s a Democrat controlled city and has been for over 60yrs, third every perp in chicago is CRIMINALLY in possession of their guns… (note: no one in chicago has ever been charged with the mandatory firearm laws)…. so it doesn’t meet their agenda to talk about and try to fix where the majority of the gun violence take place Chicago, Detroit, Camden, Philly, Baltimore etc all Democrat controlled cities with super strict gun laws filled with criminal gun owners who are never prosecuted under the gun laws.

  32. As we know, the NZ police and the PM donned muslim garb following the Christchurch incident. Surely the El Paso police and the POTUS should wear sombreros as a mark of respect?

  33. that’s funny Allan

  34. Allan

    Maybe that shooting was a conspiracy by the New Zealand government, A plot to grab the guns of the kiwis

    Can you please conduct an investigation

  35. https://nypost.com/2019/08/09/maniac-with-ar-15-guns-down-two-people-on-houston-highway-sparking-manhunt/

    Latest news from Gun Belt

    A maniac is on the loose after he gunned down two people with an AR-15 in the middle of Houston rush-hour traffic — and then bolted in his car, with a trash bag full of weed inside, according to a new report.

    The chaos unfolded just before 6 p.m. Thursday on eastbound Interstate 10, when the shooter and another person inside his sedan struck another vehicle, causing it to spin out, local outlet ABC 13 reported.