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By Pete Moore On August 8th, 2019

A left wing mob surrounds Mitch McConnell’s home, hate and rage in their hearts. Mitch McConnell’s campaign retweets video which the mob has recorded. So (of course) Twitter takes down the McConnell campaign account.

Good, maybe now the administration will wake up to the mass censorship practised by tech giants, and the election meddling which surpasses anything a thousand Russias could possibly imagine.

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4 Responses to “MAKES SENSE”

  1. I loathe McConnell, one of the more morally corrupt actors of the last 100 years but

    Demonstrating outside a public figure’s private home is not on. It’s seeking to intimidate not only the person, but their families and neighbors as well.

    Such tactics make me want to consider writing a check for $100 to the Trump Reelection Committee.

    They pulled this type of thing against Tucker Carlson I recall.

  2. Twitter says that they won’t post video of threats.

    But here the poster is the one who received the threats in question, by a mob acting in public, not one making any threats.

    Here, McConnell sounds 100% right, Twitter 100% wrong.

  3. Communists like Pete Moore want to dictate to a private business like Twitter what they can or can not do.

    Old Mitch is a man who sold his soul long ago, but protests outside his home are both wrong and counterproductive.

  4. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/08/trumps-el-paso-photo-is-obscene/595888/

    A really exceptional work of obscenity, like a really exceptional work of beauty, exceeds the ability of its viewers to fathom what they just saw. Did that just happen? But … how? What sorcery created it? Words don’t arrive, and the stammering gives way to silence.

    The latest publicity photograph of the president in El Paso, Texas, knocked me into silence for a good half hour this morning while I tried to figure out the many layers of obscenity on display. The photo features a baby whose parents were killed in El Paso a few days ago. The baby survived because his parents shielded him with their bodies. In the photo, he is cradled by Melania Trump. The president is next to her; both are smiling broadly, and the president is offering a thumbs-up. The child is expressionless and wearing a cute plaid bow tie.

    Keep smilin’ Don