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A Word from Our Sponsor

By Patrick Van Roy On August 8th, 2019

Click the picture and hit the play > arrow at the top…

12 Responses to “A Word from Our Sponsor”

  1. Well said DV, particularly about sending the Army in the sort out Irish republicans.

  2. Nice! David on persiscope! I fully expect him to broadcast from the new Mars communication center some day.

    Patrick or Pete: do you know if I can watch periscope in real time from my laptop? Do I need to download the app?

  3. Particularly about sending the Army in the sort out Irish republicans

    That was tried before, didn’t work out that well for 763 / 1,000 of them:


  4. Ahhh

    I’d never heard about periscope


  5. Paul, did you see that they may be close to finding Robert Nairac’s body.

    A very curious story. A psychic pointed out the spot in Ravensdale forest to an investigator, and then 2 specially trained cadaver seeker dogs were brought in separately and each went straight to the same spot.

  6. Yeah, spotted the story in the IT Noel.

    No matter how much of an alleged murderous black operator Nairac was I hope his remains are returned to his family although if they are humen remains I’d be surprised if they’re the only ones in Ravensdale.

  7. In a way, it would be appropriate if he were left lying in Ravensdale.

  8. For the benefit of us foreigners, where is Ravensdale

  9. A forest area in the Cooley peninsula in county Louth.

  10. Patty =

    You can just watch a stream live. It’s a bit like Youtube. This is DV’s stream. It’s where live broadcasts will be and with archived broadcasts on the left.


  11. Thanks, Pete! Just what I was looking for.

  12. sorry Patty I didn’t see your comment above….. I see Pete hooked you up.

    Hope all is well