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By Patrick Van Roy On August 9th, 2019

7 Responses to “OOPS!”

  1. has anyone over on that side of the pond have more information on this event.

  2. https://news.yahoo.com/short-term-spike-radiation-city-112841030.html

  3. So Soviet Officials are saying it was a rocket engine…… In a matter of days one story or another should be resolved.

    If it was an accidental warhead explosion the radiation will be detected outside Russia within the week max…. no radiation cloud no nuke.

  4. This was just Russian TV filming their rival Drama to the recent Chernobyl tv show. Unfortunately when the director told the crew he wanted realism they rook him a bit too literally… 😉

  5. //when the director told the crew he wanted realism they rook him a bit too literally//

    !! LOL

    I heard that the source was identified as the upper body and head of the director of RT on hearing that David Vance will soon be devoting more of his time to A Tangled Web.

  6. here’s another oops

    Wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein has killed himself in prison, according to a media report by ABC News.

    Epstein had been accused of sex trafficking. He is currently in jail after being arrested on 6 July. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

    More details soon …

  7. Russian President Vladimir Putin has remained silent, amid growing speculation that a nuclear missile accident has caused a dangerous radiation leak at a naval base. The Kremlin have confirmed that a “rocket engine explosion” at the Archangelsk base in northern Russia killed five people and injured three. Last night, Russia’s nuclear energy agency Rostam admitted that they had been involved in the aftermath of the incident, raising concern of a radiation leak.Rostam added that the explosion took place during the testing of an “isotope power source”.

    The official said five of its employees had died as a result of the accident and three more were being treated for burns.

    However, the extent of the incident and threat of radiation has not been disclosed, amid growing global concern.

    The Archangelsk naval base has been placed under emergency lockdown for a month, with the nearby White Sea also closed to commercial shipping.