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By Pete Moore On August 9th, 2019

It appears that large parts of the UK are without power this evening. London and the South East are buggered. Trains, planes and automobiles are going nowhere. According to this Indy piece, the outages stretch across South and South West England, Wales and up to Newcastle. With luck it’ll stretch to Merseyside. The scousers missing the first game of the season is what they deserve.

I’m confused, because it’s blowing a gale outside and my power’s fine, but I live in an area where the power goes out at anything above a breeze.

Apparently there was a major “frequency drop” on the National Grid network. I have no idea what a frequency drop is. Maybe a tech-head can enlighten us. But I do know it’s definitely a Chicom hack.

19 Responses to “HMMMM”

  1. Apparently two power stations (one gas, one wind) failed at the same time. Power is now restored but it looks a bit suspicious. My money would be on the Russians, not the Chinese. Be sure that MI5 know what happened and why. If it was a hack then retaliation is in order. Watch this space.

    “Nearly a million people have been affected by a major power cut across large areas of England and Wales, affecting homes and transport networks. National Grid said it was caused by issues with two power generators but the problem was now resolved. Blackouts were reported across the Midlands, the South East, South West and North East of England, and Wales.”


  2. Why suspicious?

    Power outages happen every so often no matter what the technology is

    In 1965 we had a big blackout that included eastern US states and Canada and that wasn’t caused by any hacker.

  3. That’ll be that bloody EU again no doubt.

  4. In 1965 we had a big blackout that included eastern US states and Canada and that wasn’t caused by any hacker.

    In 1965 your power stations couldn’t have been hacked.

  5. That’ll be that bloody EU again no doubt.

    I didn’t know that Russia had joined 🙂

  6. Peter

    That’s my point!

  7. Yes Phantom, we are way more vulnerable now thanks to the internet. It’s a bit like nuclear deterrence, “You hack us and we will do the same to you, but at a time of our choosing. This could be next week or next year, but you will get the message when it arrives.”

  8. //Power outages happen every so often no matter what the technology is//

    I’ve lived in Germany on and off for decades and in that time haven’t experienced a single power failure. People who lived here all their lives will tell you they never encountered one.

    The last time the lights went out on me was on a holiday in Sicily, the time before that in Ireland.

    The technology and proper maintenance and planning are obviously decisive.

  9. I would have no doubt that the technology and maintenance in German power systems are very good.

    But they’ve had big blackouts too https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_European_blackout

    In the first world, big blackouts ( not including outages caused by hurricanes etc ) would be rare generally

  10. Phantom, I’m using electricity about 80 pc of my waking life and I can honestly say I don’t remember ever experiencing a power failure here. I’ve also spoken to electrical engineers and they say that the kind of outages that you hear about from the US can’t happen here because of system redundancy etc.

  11. I’ve never experienced an electric blackout personally in a lifetime here

    There have been outages in the city , But my neighborhood has dodged the bullet

    Are you speaking also of outages caused by say major hurricanes? Because that’s a peril that Florida faces every year and which Germany does not. Not really fair to count such things

  12. I think the comparision was between here and NY, and all the sensational outages you hear of there. Of course, most of that may be urban myth and media looking for stories.
    Even when I was a kid in Ireland everyone knew stories about, for example, mass looting in NY during power failures, and then 9 months later a large peak in the number of childbirths, etc.

    If you say that such breakdowns are usually local and certain districts escape, then it looks like the media effect.

    On a broader theme, one of the effects of the mass collection and processing of “news” in the US, and in the UK, is that those places get much more than their share of sensational news coverage in Europe than would normally be their due.

    If, say, a woman somewhere in Georgia gives birth in a supermarket, another gives birth to twins with two different fathers etc etc., these things will always appear in the trash news (tabloids, Internet, social media etc) here from Norway to Italy, whereas if the same thing were to happen in Krakow nobody would hear of it because the media are too lazy to find out and present news themselves, much easier to copy from American sources.

    The same is true for all the documentaries on private TV. It’s much cheaper for channels here to buy cheap documentaries from the mass output of US and UK channels than make their own. The result is very often some quite funny distortions, when they – dubbed – talk about “here” (meaning the US), “our national space program”, victories in world wars, cars “ripping” down highways at 120 kmh etc.

  13. O/T

    Convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein has killed himself in a New York jail where he was being held on sex trafficking charges


    Dead men tell no tales. Hmmmmmmmmm indeed.

  14. https://www.npr.org/2019/01/03/678803790/berlin-is-a-tech-hub-so-why-are-germanys-internet-speeds-so-slow

    I was surprised to learn recently that Germany has very poor Internet service, Even worse than the US.

    Germany of course it does have better infrastructure For most things . Their rail and highways are off the charts better than the US

  15. Paul

    I wonder if Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are going to the funeral

  16. Why would Trump go….?

    As much as you would like there is no connection.

  17. No connection between Trump & Epstein?


  18. sorry that doesn’t cut it Paul….. There is no connection of Trump with Epstein…. but like all other myths you’re free to live in delusion.

  19. Pat, that video showed that they were at the very least known to each other and were on friendly terms.

    Deny reality in front of your very eyes all you wish.