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By Pete Moore On August 9th, 2019

Because Friday night is Music Night

Fifty years ago yesterday a copper stopped the traffic, Iain Macmillan stood on a step ladder, then he snapped the most famous album cover of all. For the greatest band ever. Yes they are. We like our different stuff, but The Beatles are and will always be the greatest band.

Side Two of Abbey Road is just one reason why they are the greatest band. It contains an 8-song, 16-minute “Medley”. Most bands would love to record one song as good as any of the eight, but for The Beatles they were just short songs that they threw in, previously unused. The medley plays here. It’s glorious.

I think someone on last week’s Jukebox mentioned headphones. When I’m listening to music, as opposed to pottering around with music on, I always wear headphones. The difference it makes to what you hear via speakers is enormous. Try it. They don’t have to be expensive. I have ten year old Sennheisers. Probably cost me 50 quid. If you’re into your sounds they’re indispensable. Put them on and listen to Paul McCartney’s bass line on this. You’ll see what I mean.

Have a good weekend. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


  1. Pete

    Did you see the remain campaigners with their EU flags and ‘All EU need is love “ slogans taking a photo op on that famous crossing on the anniversary gatherings yesterday ? A lovely tribute 😉

  2. I saw the American, Canadian and Aussie visitors looking on with pity, imploring us to join them.

  3. The Beatles are and will always be the greatest band.

    Needless to say I disagree. Here you are:


  4. I don’t think that there is such a thing as the greatest band.

    But boy were they up there in any proper list.

  5. Colm–why are you online? Isn’t there a blackout in London? The news is reporting chaos…or so I’m told.

  6. Ah yes, The Beatles. Timeless stuff but I often wonder how the greatest musicians view them. Here’s Vinnie Colaiuta, one of the greatest drummers ever, ever, ever – at 13.45 asked what the milestones are…….


    6 months ago
    Vinnie is the greatest. Period. Who else could play on albums by Zappa, Jonie Mitchell, Barbra Streisand, Sting, and Megadeath?! The depth of his abilities are bottomless.

  7. Paul –

    Needless to say, magnificent. Look, I know. I love my rock, my punk, my metal, ska, blues, allsorts. I have something like a couple of thousand singles and albums from the 60s on. I consider myself an open minded music lover.

    Except for jazz. That’s crap.

    But it has to be said, The Beatles are the greatest band. Tonight I’ve been listening to The Who, Johnny Thunders, The Ramones, Otis Redding and Rory Gallagher. It’s all great. We take for granted how lucky we are to hear all this. But The Beatles are still the greatest band.

  8. Soler sonata 90, played as created on the harpsichord. Classic baroque music:


  9. I always wear headphones. The difference it makes to what you hear via speakers is enormous. Try it. They don’t have to be expensive.

    Are they noise-cancelling Pete? I’ve been thinking about getting them.

  10. Peter –

    They’re not noise cancelling. I got them before the noise-cancelling tech took off. They’re just mid-range cans from a firm which knows what it’s doing. Even so, when you’re listening to music the difference is huge compared to not having them.

  11. Pete

    Do you use a streaming service and if so which one

  12. The Beatles are still the greatest band.

    We’re gonna have to subhectively agree to disagree on this.

    With the exception of Cash, (which is debateable if he strictly fits into the catageory), I’ve never had much time for country, particularly the good ole boys variety, but I’ve loved this since pre teens. What a bloody magnificent song:


  13. Thanks Pete, I have a pair of ordinary headphones and am wondering if noise-cancelling is worth the money (prices start about £100 but it’s £350 for Bose). I suspect they are most useful on trains and planes. When I walk I find my normal earpods are sufficient, no need for headphones of any type.

  14. Give bluegrass a listen.

    The best country interacts heavily with Irish/English/American folk.

    If the band has a fiddle, I’m there.

  15. Franz Liszt was a phenomenon in his time, probably the first superstar performer and probably the greatest pianist of the nineteenth century (Clara Schumann may have been his equal).

    Apart from composing and playing all over Europe he re-arranged a lot of music written by others, including Wagner and Schubert. This arrangement of Schubert’s famous Standchen is maybe the best known:


  16. Yeah, I remember reading Phil Everly saying that their country / rockabilly sound was heavily influenced by Irish folk music.

    My favourite version of a classic song:


  17. Phantom –

    Not anymore but I loaded up heavily on iTunes and Spotify for a few years.

    Paul –

    Mr Charlie Daniels is almost as magnificent as his hat and the keyboard player with a broken arm.

  18. The Beatles were the greatest band ever, which is not to say they have to be everyone’s favorite. Their influence and innovation is simply undeniable.

  19. I agree with Phantom naming a greatest band….. can’t be done he’s also right that in anybody’s list they have to be at the top…. and the album above is in the top 5 of all time.

    Johnny Cash is definitely country he’s the original “outlaw country” Charlie Daniels is excellent Devil is a good song, but far from his best… and the Clash… really. I mean they’re good but one of the greatest….?

    I was a die hard beatles fan nobody better for the first 12 years of my life… but even then they weren’t motown…

    If forced to pick the greatest band of All Time it has to be the band that proves heroin is a preservative….. The Rolling Stones… there at the beginning and still doing the geriatric tour…

    special headphone version…..


  20. this is what I’m listening to at the moment…. this voice should not be coming out of this skinny whiteboys mouth….


  21. this is what I’m listening to at the moment…. this voice should not be coming out of this skinny whiteboys mouth….


  22. Something strange happened in Britain in the early Sixties, and later in the US, that caused this explosion of talent and creativity. Nobody really understands it. Sort of like those sudden leaps in human progress like in Greece in the 5th C BC or Italy in the 15th C. Well, sort of.

    There’s one theory that it was a reaction to the despair and drabness of post-war Europe and, if so, I’m sure Patrick will readily agree with me that it’s almost worth having another World War just in the hope those conditions will be replicated.

    What the Beatles did from the start was pure art, in the sense that you can keep listening to their works all your life and each time find something new to admire.
    Yes, superlatives are for the unthinking mind, but I’d make an exception for the Sgt Peppers album. Recently I was lisening to one of the “lesser tracks” – Good Morning. The sheer complexity and genius of the song, the tempo changing within each verse, even within a line. And the incredible arrangement: all done in the studio and based on innovation and the balls to do it.

    They and the Stones and all of that generation were first and foremost musicians. Yes, there was money and fame and massive egos too, but unlike today’s crop their main interest was in constantly improving their musical output.

    People will be talking and writing about it in hundreds of years.

  23. Beautiful, beautiful tune. Bowie on backing vocals: