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UK Free Speech…….

By Patrick Van Roy On August 11th, 2019

5 Responses to “UK Free Speech…….”

  1. warnings were made by the Gwent police, who sound like a bit of a joke ( msn )

    Police in South Wales have warned members of the public who made fun of a convicted drug dealer’s haircut they could be prosecuted for their remarks.

    “Please remember that harassing, threatening and abusing people on social media can be against the law,” Gwent Police warned Facebook users.

    “Our advice is to be as careful on social media as you would in any other form of communication.

    ”If you say something about someone which is grossly offensive or is of an indecent, obscene or menacing character, then you could be investigated by the police”

  2. They are so stupid.

    The “warning” from the fat doughnut munchers resulted in 100 times more piss-takes.

  3. That type of police serve only to bring contempt to all police

    I have to imagine that you have a lot of very good police there, They must absolutely hate working along side with , or being “led” by the worthless sons of bitches Who would write advisories such as that

  4. Yeah. I’m a talk radio addict. I’ve heard many coppers on air, despairing at the idiots above them.

    Senior police officers are almost all graduates now, and seem to spend most of their time on political training. They have hardly anything to do with actual, proper policing.

  5. Anyone else think his hair looks f**king ridiculous?