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By Pete Moore On August 12th, 2019

The Bolsheviks are always telling us that immigrants are brighter, more hard working, higher earning, higher tax paying and just all round better looking than we native gammons in the West.

US President Donald Trump’s administration is to make it more difficult for poorer legal migrants to extend their visas or gain permanent resident status (a green card).

The rule targets migrants who rely on public benefits, such as food aid or public housing, for more than a year.

And now they’re outraged that the President is taking away their begging bowls.

Let’s be clear: the idea of emigrating to another country with the intention of being a parasite on the host is repulsive. If you can’t pay your way then you can get lost. Yes, I practiced what I preached. I’ve lived in five other other countries and paid my way each time. If I didn’t like it I would sling my hook.

The US expanded into a wealthy powerhouse because it didn’t tax the productive to pay the unproductive. It was a nation of settlers, pioneers and builders, whose energy poured into every part of the culture and the arts too. Welfare kills the energy and spirit which is the bedrock of any nation.

6 Responses to “PLAIN COMMON SENSE”

  1. I endorse this policy.

    In the not too ancient past, there was no such thing immigrants to the US getting any benefits.

    Up until the sixties I think – maybe the seventies- it generally wasn’t possible to come here legally unless you had a sponsor who agreed to be responsible for your care should there be a need.

    We were idiots to go away from that policy.

    This is indeed a step in the direction of responsibility.

  2. In the not too ancient past, there was no such thing immigrants who were not yet citizens to the US getting any benefits.

  3. what Trump is going to enforce and the reason he can enforce it is these rules were written into Law under Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich in 96.

    The Laws are already there he’s just directing them to enforce the Law.

  4. The Statute of Liberty mentions your poor huddled masses, your poor last time I checked. And immigrants pay more in taxes than they get in benefits, but I suppose in order to know that one has to be able to read. In addition prior to the 1960s the rules were quite different and anyone who thinks the immigrants prior to that time were economically self sufficient or covered by sponsors is not going to be confused with a credible historian.

  5. Trump doesn’t like a certain demographic. Hence his attacks on illegal immigration is not the whole story. He want to curtail legal immigration as well.

  6. Pete, the US sure fucked up in the late 20s to late 30s. It should have turfed out about 15 million of its populace, many of which were immigrants.