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By Pete Moore On August 13th, 2019

Unroll please –

I doubt that Chinese forces would move in while the Hong Kong government stands. That would be stupid. I suspect that these forces are there just in case Hong Kong goes completely anarchic.

I’ve seen mentions of another Tiananmen Square being possible. Peking would have to be extraordinarily stupid to resort to that. That was thirty years ago. Any Chinese violence would be live streamed around the world by a million mobile phones. The repercussions for the Chinese economy and global relations would be devastating.

13 Responses to “CHINA STANDS BY”

  1. I have great dread

    Mistakes have been made, and the Communist government will have no mercy at all.

  2. I suspect that these forces are there just in case Hong Kong goes completely anarchic

    I hope you’re right. This seems very ominous.

  3. Some of the protesters have been idiots

    There was supposedly a wounded cop who they prevented aid from getting to

    If that is true, that was stupid, and wrong

    Seizing the airport was beyond stupid, the worst thing that could have been done

  4. I’ve just watched footage from the airport on the news here where a cop is attacked and besieged by protesters and had to draw his weapon for them to back off.

  5. Even if the Chinese do move in, it will probably be a relatively bloodless intervention. The protestors have really very little to gain and a lot to lose. And the Chinese tend to be very cautious with things like that.

    BTW I was in Shenzhen once, a surreal place, and even walked across that footbridge shown in the video clip in the Twitter link. The large building you can see in the background at the end is the railway station, just a short, and very picturesque, train ride from Hong Kong.

    There was very little evidence of a border there even back then. (but now these students are trying for a HKexit ? )

  6. That kind of thing will turn ordinary Chinese against the protesters

    Bad bad bad

  7. There are very close ties between Brooklyn and Hong Kong Chinese

    Many Chinese moved here from Hong Kong before the turnover

    Because they were afraid of ….this

  8. //There are very close ties between Brooklyn and Hong Kong Chinese//

    It’s interesting that the HK people who were born after the British left, i.e. who were born in China, are the HKers who least identify as Chinese.

  9. Because they were afraid of ….this

    It could’ve been much worse:

    My initial reaction, however, is that the proposal could be useful to the extent that the arrival of 5.5 million Chinese in Northern Ireland may induce the indigenous peoples to forsake their homeland for a future elsewhere,” Mr Snoxell drily replied. “We should not underestimate the danger of this taking the form of a mass exodus of boat refugees in the direction of South East Asia


  10. Lots of Hong Kongers in London also

    I know one of them, he flies back once every couple of years

  11. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I think this is just the tip of the iceberg for the Chinese government. A significant number of Chinese people want a much more democratic society.

  12. China to have a brutalized population in both the east and west

  13. Chexit?