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By Pete Moore On August 16th, 2019

No more so-called “asylum seekers”. No more killers, rapists and primitives from Third World crapholes. It’s already a catastrophe for British society.

5 Responses to “YET ANOTHER ONE”

  1. Horrific, schocking attack.

    Of couRse, your English born and bred knifeman is much more driven:

    I am English, no matter what the government say kill all the non English and get them all out of our England


  2. The was more than an element of a strong culture clash in this one.

  3. Maybe Noel. A culture clash in one and rabid far – right xenophobia in the other.

  4. The importation of the filth of the world into our countries is a crime against humanity, which is our people. The globo-homo agenda being pushed by corporo-government may do even more damage:


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    All UK corporates are pushing the Gay, and it’s in schools, even nurseries – pure perversion

  5. But with Christmas getting nearer, I’ve got Lego for the youngsters…..