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By Pete Moore On August 21st, 2019

Never believe government statistics

The Office for National Statistics (an “independent” government body) has been underestimating the numbers of foreigners pouring in for years. I know, it’s a shocker! Then again, anyone with eyes to see long ago realised that the official numbers were way off. The Prime Minister has just stated (in Berlin, heard it on the wireless), that there are 3.2 million EU nationals in the UK. No way. The numbers are way higher than that. I know of packing warehouses with almost that many Poles alone.

The ONS have recalculated net EU migration from 2015-16 to be 16% higher than previously thought (a 29,000 difference), with the incorrect methodology having been used by the statistics authority for over a decade. The ONS have further added to the embarrassment by saying there’s “significant uncertainty” about their estimations since the EU referendum too.

That’s just one year. The official numbers are so dodgy that the ONS has requested that its estimate be treated as “experimental”. Righto, I’ll try that with the taxman when he next comes calling.

The great Hong Kong administrator, Sir John Cowperthwaite, knew that statistics in the hands of government would only lead to trouble. When asked what poor countries should do to improve their growth, he said that they should abolish the office of national statistics. The same is true for the ONS


  1. The Office for National Statistics (an “independent” government body)

    Yes Pete, just as independent as the “independent review” into HS2 announced today. Its “independent” report is due “in the Autumn” = January at the earliest, safely after the election. And of course it will recommend that this vastly expensive white elephant gets built. (Original cost estimate £30 billion, now balooned to £60 billion, expected outcome £100 billion).

    This will complete a hat-trick of projects that should have been cancelled but are going ahead, the others being Hinckley nuclear power station and Heathrow third runway (the one that Boris Johnson was going to lie down in front of the bulldozers to prevent).

  2. EU citizens working in the U.K. aren’t immigrants. They are Europeans working naturally in their European workplace.