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By Pete Moore On August 22nd, 2019

Doesn’t Boris know that it’s an insult to display shoe soles in Islamic countries? Maybe he does …

Seriously, what a great snap: Boris the Boss out Alpha-males Macron, the media scrum in the mirror, and the dainty flunky to the side. But I have to say, that sideboard beneath the mirror is appalling.

7 Responses to “UH-OH”

  1. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/shortcuts/2019/jul/29/boris-johnson-photos-wonderfully-inane-art-critics-verdict

    A Trumpy poser?

    Another fake tough guy?

  2. So we’ve got to French president who could be the next James bond he looks so cool, and our prime minister who looks like Worzel f**king Gummidge.

  3. The unmade bed wants a Brexit deal right now

  4. Posing like that is designed to complete ensate for the fact that Boris obviously has a small….. chance of getting a deal 😉

  5. Here is an intersting take on Johnston’s letter to the EU this week:


    This link is also worth reading. It spells out an alternative Brexit which would suit both sides, if they are behaving rationally, i.e. in their own economic best interests. Unfortunately, politics is likely to get in the way, on both sides:


  6. The same briefing group Peter supports imposing a border in Ireland and has attacked the government in the past for agreeing to not impose one.

  7. I was worried about the economy tanking and the pound’s collapse and the food and medicine shortages and the job losses and the businesses leaving but now I’ve seen the PM put his foot on a Frenchman’s table I’m fully behind Brexit.