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By Pete Moore On August 23rd, 2019

Six EU countries have agreed to take in 356 African migrants aboard the rescue ship Ocean Viking, which has not been allowed to dock in Italy or Malta.

The migrants, mostly from Sudan, cheered and danced on hearing the news. Malta’s navy will ferry them ashore, but Malta will not let them stay.

France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Romania will host them.

SOS Méditerranée, one of the French charities involved, had urged a resolution after two weeks at sea.

I can help SOS Méditerranée with a better resolution – turn around and kick them off in Tunisia. I know, but the people traffickers are paid to get them to Europe. So women and anyone within stabbing distance in France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Romania are about to be put in a bit more danger.

And when this cargo has been unloaded, back the ship will go to pick up more African merchandise.

12 Responses to ““WELCOME TO ROMANIA””

  1. wow 356….. that’s 1 hour at the southern border….

  2. try absorbing 20 million

  3. I see that Glasgow University is paying compensation for slavery……or whatever


    LONDON (Reuters) – Scotland’s University of Glasgow said on Friday it would spend 20 million pounds to make amends for the historic financial support it received from people who profited from the slave trade.

    The university said it was co-founding a Glasgow-Caribbean Centre for Development Research with the University of the West Indies to host events, sponsor research work and raise public awareness about the history of slavery.

    The money will be spent over the next 20 years, with funding mainly coming from research grants and donations.

    “Talking about any institution’s or country’s historical links to slavery can be a difficult conversation but we felt it was a necessary one for our university to have,” said Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow.

    “While you can’t change the past, you can change (its) consequences.”

    I have a suggestion. Clearly, slavery was such a bad thing for black people who are descendants of the original slaves sold into bondage by their relatives that it should be undone, and all descendants repatriated to Mother Africa, each with say $200,000


  4. PVR

    No that’s racist. You wouldn’t be concerned if it was 20 million Swedes.

    Because someone said so.

  5. We absorbed 1.3 million Swedes.

  6. How many of them bum-rushed the border?

  7. It is difficult to rush a border when there is a vast ocean between one country and another. Unless you are a really good swimmer. The Swedes arrived at a different time with different rules.

  8. They respected those rules.

    And very few of them received any aid from the local, state or federal government when they got here.

    How about that?

  9. You’ll have to remind us what state and local aid went to anyone in the 19th Century. At that time immigrants and the poor had to rely on private charity.
    As for immigration “rules” at the height of Swedish immigration they essentially had to show up without disease and in they came.

  10. I’ve just checked and found that around 4.5 million Irish-born people emigrated to the US between 1820 and 1930, and that in the 1860 the Irish made up half of all immigrants in the US.
    The years 1820 to 1930 coverred of course the peak emigration periods for Irish heading to America, but there were also very many emigrants from Ireland since 1930 and before 1820, including very many even before the US was established. Wolf Tone went to Pennsylvania in the 1790s and wrote that the place was full of Irish, and that they were probably the most feckless and roughest bunch of all there.
    So there must have been around 5 or 6 million people who left Ireland for America in total. An incredible number.

    Back to topic. The immigration problems facing Europe and the US today are very different but also very similar in many ways. There’s no easy solution. It’s an intractable conflict between the calls of humanity, practicality and the political situation facing the host countries.

    The humanity factor soon comes to grief on the sheer numbers involved. People will, and do, say that it’s wrong to keep people out when their need is so much greater than the need of the host population for stability and prosperity. That is in theory true. But if any country in Europe had to take in, say, 30 million people, that point would immediately fly out the window.
    I don’t know anyone who’s pro immigrant (except the few who’d really like to see the host countries suffer) who would still be in favour of keeping the door open to tens of millions, especially if they were to be quartered beside them. Sooner or later you would find them using the same arguments that the anti-immigrationists are using today. It’s all a question of when.

    Another big factor is culture, rather than race. If a people are fanatics for order and obeying the law and working hard, they’ll probably be much more welcome anywhere than another group that doesn’t have those traditions, irrespective of skin colour or “race”.

    Greetings from Amsterdam, BTW. A’dam always looks great, but in the sunshine today it was paradise. I don’t think Ive ever seen a city with a people so relaxed and happy and geneally even-keeled.
    Cyclists coming at your from all angles. There are 3 times more bikes in the city than cars. I never realised what a great place it is.

  11. Hi Noel – I was there last summer. Loved it. Great City to walk in if you can avoid getting run over by the bikes.

  12. Cyclists coming at your from all angles.

    It’s dangerous

    Here’s a Pakistani film star (very attractive btw) who says that Bradford is a mini-Pakistan


    Hatchet Harry
    Hatchet Harry
    2 days ago (edited)
    This is the problem, she shouldn’t feel like she’s in her own country when she’s not!!