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A True Giant

By Patrick Van Roy On August 29th, 2019

20 Responses to “A True Giant”

  1. Probably the most transformative speech by an American in the 20th Century.

  2. God, give us back Martin Luther King.

    You can have Donald Trump.

  3. he did better speeches, but this one is his signature

  4. If President Trump’s treatment of women echoed MLK the commies would erupt – even further.


    J Edgar Hoover, the bureau’s notorious director, believed the material gathered by his agents in the Sixties exposed the civil rights leader as a “notorious liar” and “one of the lowest characters in the country”.

    It included a tape which, according to an FBI summary, recorded King laughing and offering “advice” as a fellow Baptist minister “forcibly raped” a woman just a few minutes walk from The White House in Washington DC.

    But despite their attempts to spread the story of King’s “sex orgies” and 40-plus extramarital affairs, the story never appeared in the media.

    “They tried, but the press would not touch it,” said David Garrow, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian who has dived into a recent release of files previously buried in the US National Archives collection relating to the assassination of John F Kennedy.

    “There is this sort of dual reality where, across the government, there are hundreds of people who know this exists yet it is never publicly exposed,” Mr Garrow told The Independent.

    “At that time there was an ethic in the US that prominent men’s private affairs didn’t qualify as news. That was what also protected JFK.”

    He could speak well, but the rest is fantasy erected by liars and image builders. The truth is that MLK was not a good man personally.

  5. you’re going to praise the ultimate blackmailer who used to prance around in women’s underwear while you defame one of the most important figures in american history.

    All men have their flaws. But Kings Light shined bright and pure. If you don’t understand that the flaw is in you.

  6. What Hoover got up to at home is neither here nor there. The evidence against MLK is known and damning. You can try to ignore that he was a bad man who did bad things, but the facts of history remain.

  7. It isn’t a fact of history that King offered advice on a rape. There is no corroborating evidence to support the FBI notation, an FBI admittedly out to remove King as a civil rights leader.

  8. Yes on mahons 755

    King played around a lot apparently, but so did JFK, LBJ, Rockefeller and a zillion other politicians preachers and other famous people.

    The press stayed away from that stuff in that era, yes that is true.

  9. Pete Moore isn’t interested in MLKs sexual history. He is interested in believing and spreading any smear that can knock down a figure associated with the left

  10. Thanks Colm, but I know what I’m interested in.

    Unlike most people, I want to know what actually happened in the past. That’s the consequence of being fixated with history. Myths and fantasies aren’t my thing.

  11. anyone who puts King in the category of Myths and fantasies….. knows nothing of History.

  12. Pete

    Was King an important rights leader?

  13. King played around a lot apparently

    Much like the present British PM then.

  14. Well we have none of that stuff with the moral president we have now in Murica

  15. Yeah sure Pete. Your only interest is the truth. Like the scales of Lady Justice your eyes are blind to any form of prejudicial judgement. What a saint you are 😉

  16. Pete more is interested in perpetrating the same smear campaign that Hoover was, and for the same reasons.

  17. If Trump or Boris or Nigel Farage were found in bed with 9 year old triplets… and their parents Pete would be shrugging his shoulders. If Jeremy Corbyn so much as looked at a married woman Pete would be typing his 10th post about it.

  18. Very situational ethics by the ” base ” of any of the lousy parties in any of our lands.

  19. Pete,

    “Unlike most people, I want to know what actually happened in the past.”

    Here then are some links that will catch you up with the rest of us.

    re the last 13.8 billion years or so: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_microwave_background

    4.6 billion years of atmospheric science: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujkcTZZlikg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RffPSrRpq_g

    At least 3.5 billion years of life on earth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1m4mATYoig

  20. Frank

    Pete missed out a few words in his comment. What he meant to say is “ I want to know what bad things caused by commies happened in the past “ 😉