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By Pete Moore On August 29th, 2019

Ruth Davidson resigned today as leader of the Scottish Tories, for personal and political reasons. We know the political reason; she’s a hardcore EU fanatic. The personal reason is that she has a very young son and wants to spend time with him. Quite incredible, given that she’s a lesbian, but that’s the Tories for you.

Remainers continue to shriek like they’ve been set on fire, so they probably missed that Davidson today blasted MPs for voting down Theresa May’s atrocious Withdrawal Treaty three times. Then she said “For God’s sake, at the fourth time, vote for a deal.”

The treaty is coming back, slightly warmed over. Davidson met with BoJo a few days ago in Downing Street, so she’s up to speed on what he intends. She knows that a clean Brexit is BoJo’s second choice and that he will present MPs with “the fourth” chance to pass it.


  1. May the fourth be with us 😉

  2. He had better not Boris. You dont want TBP to go full kamikaze…. Farage keeping Tories honest.

  3. Farage , the Boozy bloated Billionaire * brainwashing Britain’s braindead birds and blokes with his bloody barmy Brexit Bollocks .

    * yeah, ok he’s just a millionaire, but that doesn’t fit alliterally 😉

  4. If they do, and it is passed, RIP Tory Party.

  5. Nonsense. The vast majority of sensible people will be relieved at any transitional smooth deal that causes little or no disruption. Normal politics will slowly resume, the Brexit party will fade like morning mist and the Tories will do quiet well out of it.

  6. //she has a very young son and wants to spend time with him. Quite incredible, given that she’s a lesbian,//

    Does she have a son or does she not? That must be relatively easy to prove, “incredible” and all as it may seem.

    Her girlfriend is Irish, a lass from the county Wexford. They called their boy Finn. I don’t know what, if anything, they intended with this name, but readers will remember that the great Finn in Irish mythology, Finn mc Cumhail, built a bridge between Ireland and Scotland. OK, he only did so because he wanted to go over and fight the ugly giants there (future Ulster Unionists), and the remains of the bridge are known till this day as the Giant’s Causeway.

    But once a Scottish brute from Paisley walked over to kill Finn. Fortunately, through a ruse, Finn’s …er…. partner convinced this giant that the big lad sleeping over in the corner was just Finn’s wee son. Imagining what the father must look like, Paisley ran back to Scotland, ripping up the stones as he went.

    The choice of name is obviously a celebration of the final defeat of Unionism and, like Ruth’s relationship, a future linking of Ireland and Scotland in a warm Celtic embrace.