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By Pete Moore On August 29th, 2019

Right, tax fans?

8 Responses to “A FAIR QUESTION”

  1. Is there supposed to be a point in there

  2. This pithy little post may have little substance but manages to still be a typical Pete Moore contradictory mess. Either it shows Pete supporting the fiscal tax paying Right, or the Socialist “ to each according to his needs” Left. Which is it Pete ?

  3. Pete

    Should the Amazon Indians have any voice in what happens in their forests, and in the Amazon generally etc.

  4. Phantom

    Only if they support Trump and Brexit, as I’m sure Pete would say 😉

  5. Native peoples must bow to the laws of the invader.

  6. Bolsonaro ( Trump 2.0 ) wants to destroy the environment of the remaining Brazilian native peoples and people here will cheer him on when he does it

  7. I wonder what the strongarm law & order guys here make of Rio policing?


  8. In January, 2012, Jair Bolsonaro, who was then a retired military officer and colorful but not politically relevant far-right congressman, was caught fishing illegally in a federally protected marine-wildlife reserve. Bolsonaro—wearing a white, Speedo-like bathing suit—was discovered in a small, inflatable boat inside the Tamoios Ecological Station, an area with a half-mile radius that serves as a refuge for penguins, seals, whales, and dolphins in the state of Rio de Janeiro. An agent with the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (ibama) issued Bolsonaro a ticket for ten thousand reais, or roughly twenty-five hundred dollars. The following year, Bolsonaro introduced a bill in the legislature that would have barred guards with ibama and other environmental agencies from carrying guns, although he was otherwise a longtime defender of gun-ownership rights in Brazil. Later that year, Bolsonaro filed to get legal permission for him—and him alone—to fish in the Tamoios reserve. Ultimately, the fine was dismissed, the bill went nowhere in congress, and the courts decided it would be a bad idea to grant one lawmaker special permission to fish in a sanctuary.

    Last year, Bolsonaro was elected the President of Brazil, after running a nationalistic campaign that echoed, in many ways, the politics of Donald Trump. A climate-change skeptic, Bolsonaro argued that more land in the Amazon rainforest should be opened for farming, mining, and logging. Under his leadership, ibama’s budget has been cut by twenty-four per cent. Bolsonaro has also repeatedly threatened to transform the Tamoios reserve into a Brazilian Cancún, brimming with tourist hotels. The agent who wrote him the ticket for illegal fishing, back in 2012, was fired from a senior government position. And Bolsonaro has installed opponents of environmental regulations in offices throughout his new administration.

    ( New Yorker )This is the bum who leads Brazil today. Sound like anyone we know