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Fox on the Run

By Mahons On August 30th, 2019

President Trump is upset with his coverage by the Fox television network. He has said it isnt working for him anymore. Most observors with a modicum of intelligence were dumfounded since Fox’s coverage of Trump has gone past their fair and balanced catchphrase into the realm of…how shall I put this…cheerleading?
But Fox is no Russia Today, a network whose slavish devotion to Putin would be comical if the World didnt have so many fools. There are stray liberals and principled journalists at Fox who have piereced the 24/7 approval factory. But the President can’t have that. In the words of the late Freddie Mercury he “wants it all.”
In America a President who thinks he is entitled to uncritical coverage is a strange bird. Oh sure, many hated the press, and were livid at certain reporters, newspapers and networks. But even Nixon recognized the free press had an important role. Trump in his paranoia simply sees the press when it is not loyal to him as an enemy. A reporter may support him 99% of the time, but he will not forgive a 1% deviation.
The reporters at Fox are learning this lesson, slowly but surely. After all, when people ask you what you do for a living what would you rather say? I’m a television journalist, or I play one on tv?

41 Responses to “Fox on the Run”

  1. Trump’s own words words were, well, incredibly tremendous:

    “We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 28, 2019

    So after 3 years of us hearing from Trump groupies and the right-wing loon corner that Fox News was neutral and objective (and for some reason not part of the “MSM”), we now have the man himself coming out and telling us he considered Fox to be his party political broadcaster all along.

    You must give him his fair dues: he doesn’t try to hide his insanity, certainly not the way his groupies try to hide theirs.

  2. I am curious as to how his disciples will spin this.

  3. the only spin I see is coming from you Mahons.

    Fox has one neutral show, the 6 o’clock news, all other shows are opinion based. The only person here that watches Fox is me and since that’s what I have always said your spin doesn’t really work. Does it ?

  4. Strong post, belongs in the op ed of a national media

    I watch Fox every day

    It’s hard not to pay attention to it

    Do you watch it, you find out what Pat will say later on in the day

  5. When you watch it..

    Hannity is Nonstop commercial for Donald Trump every night

  6. Good post Mahons.

    I watch fox news occasionally and I’ve got to say they are definitely on Donald’s side. Perhaps they’re just not committed enough to the cause for the president’s liking.

  7. I don’t think presenting the President’s anti-Fox comment despite how favorable the network has been to him is “spin”.

  8. Dave

    I thought that Fox had been taken off UK cable and satellite systems due to low ratings

    Where do you watch it?

  9. Phantom.

    I think I’ve mentioned this before, but you probably missed it. I don’t watch any form of broadcast TV in the UK anymore as I no longer have a TV licence so I don’t watch satellite.

    However, I can easily watch fox news on numerous streaming services such as YouTube.

  10. Phantom


  11. Ahh…..

    So you are a true ” cord cutter ” who buys a good quality internet signal, and gets video from that.

    That is as I am sure you know, a huge trend in the US. Young adults don’t buy land line telephone, and in very large numbers they don’t buy cable or satellite TV. It’s a big threat to the cable and satellite companies.

  12. Indeed mate. More and more people especially youngsters, are opting for streaming services over broadcast television. The number of people opting out of TV licences is going up every year. It works out well for me because of the searches I do, I get recommendations related to what we’re discussing on ATW, such as Trump.
    Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I leave to you to decide.

  13. The cable and satellite stations have had a chokehold for way too long.

    Their rate increases, partly due to expensive sports programming, far outpace general inflation.

    I think that this ” disintermediation ” is a good thing, but it’s confusing. I don’t fully understand how this new stuff works. And ISPs and bundlers such as Hulu and Youtube want to try to force you to get bundles that include things that you don’t want.

    This merits more study….

  14. Dave get a Kodi and put a build on it you’ll get everything you want

  15. I subscribe to 3 or 4 services but I get 90% of what I view from scraping it from the either…

  16. BOOM!!!

    Wow! Did FOX really allow Neil Cavauto to say that??


    I think that FOX is fast becoming fake news and alternative facts?

  17. For those who don’t watch Fox much, while it mainly serves as a Republican Party ally, there are some real journalists there

    Chris Wallace, who does a Sunday interview show, is one of the best interviewers around. Other channels have tried to hire him away.

    Shep Smith is very good, and doesn’t carry anyone’s political water. He has called bullshit when Trump, other politicians, or other Fox News hosts lie or mislead.

    On the others side, Sean Hannity is a one dimensional polemicist for Trump and nothing more, a reverse Carville. Same speech every day.

    Tucker Carlson has grown on me a bit. He has his strong innings, when he criticizes the war machine, identity politics in the Dem Party, etc.

  18. Cavuto deserves an ovation for that.

    As mahons basically says, there are are some real thinking people at Fox who will throw the Kool Aid back in your face instead of drinking it, it’s not RT.

  19. Shep Smith is an anti-trump dem and makes no bones about it.

  20. 2 weekday shows worth watching on Fox the 6pm News with Bret Baier, Tucker Carlson. Weekend two shows are Special Report Chris Wallace, and Life Liberty Levin Mark Levin. The rest is regurgitation with varying spin.

  21. Shep Smith has called out Trump for his constant lying. He’s obviously a bad guy.


  22. Levin’s TV show is slanted, but thoughtful

    It’s very different from his hollerin’ screamin’ resentment fueled radio show.

  23. I didn’t say Shep was bad I said he was a proud Dem.

  24. You guys will correct me if I’m wrong, but I read this week that Trump’s anti-Fox hissy fit was caused by a Fox poll that showed he would lose next year to either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. That’s not what a loyal propaganda tv channel is supposed to do.

    That poll should have been suppressed! Get Murdoch on the phone now!

  25. Trump’s juvenile conduct, his demeanor, his juvenile twittering discourse, continue to harm him among educated voters, including among white women in the suburbs, who voted for him in large numbers the last time, but who may not do so again.

    He’s been told this a thousand times but he could care less. He’s rather go down with the ship as Commander Asshole than act in a dignified way and get something done.

  26. and get something done

    He’ll get Roe v Wade repealed or neutered. That will be his legacy.

  27. In fairness, he will do great damage to the environment also.

  28. True that

  29. Peter

    You will have heard of Michael Savage, the right wing radio guy here.

    He is a supporter of Trump, and knows him personally. But unlike other prominent right wing talkers, he is a passionate supporter of good environmental / conservation policies.

    In yesterday’s program he vehemently criticized Trump’s decision to allow logging in Alaska’s virgin Tongass Forest, and for Trump’s many other anti-environment policies.

    Savage says that Trump has not only been all wrong on matters of the environment but that it could cost him dearly in the next election.

    There is a big ” to hell with the environment ” element in the GOP, no one can deny that, but many who voted for Trump last time are not anti environment. He won’t gain any new votes over this position but he will lose some.

    You may find stream to be of interest.


  30. my god you puppet such rhetoric Phantom…. oh my everyone is appalled at Trump he’s lost white suburban woman… the GOP has large factions of F the environment….

    neither statement is true and if Trump is so horrible he won’t be reelected so will just have to see what happens.

  31. Savage says that Trump has not only been all wrong on matters of the environment but that it could cost him dearly in the next election.

    Let’s hope that’s true Phantom. Trump is boastfully anti-environment on every issue bar none. I’m amazed that he hasn’t tweeted yet in favour of the destructinon of the Amazon rainforest, but I’m sure he’ll get around to it.

  32. The GOP does have a significant faction of anti-evironmentalists, which is ironic given how Republican President Teddy Roosevelt was one of the greats.

  33. balderdash…. was also a republican president that started the EPA. We are the conservationist because we are the ones that want to use our nations resources in a manner that produces and preserves.

  34. was also a republican president that started the EPA.

    Which Trump has destroyed by cutting its budget by 50% and appointing a series of anti-environment goons to direct it. I think it’s three so far, but it will likely be six by November 2020.

  35. If Trump is so horrible he won’t be reelected so will just have to see what happens

    FOX seem to think that will be the case:

    Among Republicans, Trump gets a net positive score of +71 (85-14). Among voters overall, he gets a net negative by 14 points (42-56).

    The top tier Democratic candidates garner positive ratings among all voters: Biden +8 points (50-42), Sanders +7 (50-43), Warren +6 (46-40), and Harris +1 (41-40). Obama does even better, receiving a net +23 points (60 favorable-37 unfavorable).


  36. we are the ones that want to use our nations resources in a manner that produces and preserves.


    Like drilling for oil everywhere including the Arctic and National Parks. Like subsidising fossil fuels every which way possible and doing everything possible to obstruct renewables. Like rolling back pollution regulations for air and water and fracking and vehicles.

    Cut the bullshit. The GOP are environmental vandals and just like you they venerate the head vandal in the White House. Bought and paid for by all the polluters and climate liars.

  37. You guys are not conservationists.

    Destroying ancient forests for no good reason, loosening auto pollution standards against the wishes of the automakers are just the beginning

    Trump is doing intentional violence to the environment, and you strongly endorse all of it.

  38. Yes Paul, that’s why Trump now HATES Fox!

    See my 7.51 pm

  39. This is doing damage to the environment just because they can.

    They think that environmentalism is a liberal issue, which is why Trump and Trumpers oppose all environmental protections now.

    The thought process is no deeper than that

  40. They think that environmentalism is a liberal issue, which is why Trump and Trumpers oppose all environmental protections now

    Nail on head:

    Trump backs Brazilian president as he rejects aid for fighting Amazon fires


    Two petulant children

  41. It seems that even his loyal tv channel cannot be trusted. You gotta feel the schmuck’s pain, no?

    “How angry at Fox can Trump genuinely be? Trump told Kilmeade that he appreciates the broadcasts of his longtime champions, the opinion triumvirate of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, who host popular night-time shows on Fox. They’re so close to Trump they’re practically unpaid advisers to his presidency. Trump also gets unalloyed tenderness and obsequious respect from the Fox & Friends crew when he phones in. Lou Dobbs of Fox’s sister network, Fox Business Network, does the same. Dobbs has formed a “mind meld” with Trump on immigration, China and more, according to a Washington Post profile. Trump returns Dobbs’ love, calling the anchor “The Great Lou Dobbs.”

    Trump appears to think everybody who appears on Fox should belong to his tag team, so when hard news anchors Shep Smith and Chris Wallace or weekend anchors Arthel Neville and Leland Vittert speak a disparaging word about his policies or ask tough questions, they’re somehow betraying him. Being second-guessed by Fox’s in-house liberal pundits, Brazile and Williams, also rankles him.”