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A way of life was ended

By Patrick Van Roy On September 4th, 2019

September 4, 1886: Apache Chief Geronimo Is Last Warrior to Surrender. Geronimo was born in 1829 and grew up in what is present-day Arizona and Mexico. His tribe, the Chiricahua Apaches, clashed with non-Indian settlers trying to take their land. In 1858, Geronimo’s family was murdered by Mexicans. Apache leader Goyalkla, or as he’s known to non-Native Americans, Geronimo, formally surrenders after the US Army 4th Cavalry relentlessly pursues him and his band of warriors throughout southern Arizona. Geronimo will be the last Native American war chief to officially lay down arms.

The Native Americans were amazing a people of no modern technology but the best guerilla fighters the world has ever seen. It took us over 100yrs to defeat them including Custer running for President on a platform of wiping them off the face of the earth…. Custer of course was a Democrat who despised President Grant who he viewed as a drunkin idiot.

But Geronimo’s surrender was the end for the American Indian the end of a way of life. Technology triumphed of Naturalism and the naturalists were the better fighters,

15 Responses to “A way of life was ended”

  1. What is the source for your claim Custer campained for the Presidency on a genocidal platform?

  2. I couldn’t find it either.

  3. There’s a wonderful, evocative song about these proud people: “Native American” by Foregone Conclusion. Will try and dig out a YouTube link.

  4. The best guerilla fighters the world has ever seen.

    One man’s ‘guerilla fighter’ is another man’s terrorist.

  5. I can’t find it either but I have heard the theory before – that Custer did have presidential ambitions, that he hoped that victory in the Black Hills War would lead him to the Presidency.

  6. Little Big Horn was going to launch his campaign.

  7. //One man’s ‘guerilla fighter’ is another man’s terrorist.//

    The Apache were one of the most vicious Indian tribes and were ruthless killers. They were brave to a fault, but if anyone deserves the label terrorist, it’s them and the Comanches.

  8. Noel – agreed, they were vicious. Their raids on undefended Mexican villages were horrifying.

    I think the Custer for President speculation was more wishful thinking than concrete fact, but he was quite a character.
    A fictional yet insightful look into those days is Flash man and the Redskins.

  9. you want to see what I picture as the best historical rendition of Custer watch Little Big Man, Richard Mulligan captures him to a tee.

  10. Custer is one of those historical figures that died upwards of their due.

  11. Ronald Reagan must be rolling in his grave, I was sure you would say his Custer was the best.

  12. Apache were merely defending themselves against an enemy with vastly superior numbers

    Pitched European style battles were never going to win them anything but a shallow grave

  13. The other Indian tribes didn’t like the Apache too much Even in the old old days I believe

  14. yes the apache fought everyone, the indian tribes warred with each other long before euros came to this continent.

  15. This is still one of the best books ever written on the subject of the destruction of the American indigenous peoples.