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By Pete Moore On September 6th, 2019

Because Friday night is Music Night

It’s been a funny old week. When Fatty Soames, Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson, was stripped of the Tory whip the Left went apoplectic. Apparently having eminent ancestors ought now grant privilege. Who knew?

But enough of politics. Three black men from Detroit wrote and recorded a song in 1974. In fact they recorded a whole album. Is it soul, funk, or maybe some proto-hip hop thing? It’s none of those things, and hip hop came out of New York in any case.

The band was called Death and the record was a great slab of rock n roll. They should have made it big. Labels offered deals if they changed their name. They refused so didn’t make it through. That’s musically criminal, because they were a great band.

Have yourselves a good weekend whatever you’re up to, apart from most politicians. I hope their weekend is crap. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –



  1. Lively track. Quality stuff. Probably didnt make it not just because of the name but because they also didn’t musically fit into the box both the public ( black and white) and the record companies expected of a black group.

  2. They should have changed the name of the group.

  3. Brilliant version of Ghost Train by Cornwall’s Graham Hart


  4. Phantom, on September 6th, 2019 at 9:16 PM Said:

    They should have changed the name of the group.

    I disagree. That was the name they chose, knowing it would be controversial, but kept it anyway. They didn’t allow commercialism to cloud their principles. Fair play to them. It’s a great album.

  5. Now here’s a band and a half:


  6. Death is still around!


    Within the last year, Death released two single songs that addresses two current issues we are all facing today. From the beginning, in the days of Detroit, Death directed its songs to always “say something” as brother David would say. As in the songs recorded in Detroit such as “Politicians In My Eyes”, these songs “Cease Fire” and “Give It Back” continue the dialogue of socially conscious Rock-N-Roll music. Exclusively right now, these songs can be downloaded DIRECTLY from the Death website for the old-school 45 record prices of 0.99 cents.

  7. Just back from the pub, what have I missed?

    Peter. I’ve a feeling only you and I are going to appreciate this one.


  8. Peter. I’ve a feeling only you and I are going to appreciate this one.

    You’d be wrong, mate. I love this. It’s just not the type of music I want to listen to tonight. Now this?


    That’s what I’m in the mood for tonight! 🙂

  9. Cheers Dave. Check this from Scottish composer James MacMillan. He’s a fervent believer, but he has written some good stuff in the cause of his sky-god:


  10. Here is a Detroit band with an interesting name


  11. From Bellini, a beautiful song, almost too romantic:


  12. Schubert was such a genius (died 1828 age 31). Here is yet another version of Standchen:


  13. When Czech patriots succeeded in assassinating Reinhard Heydrich in Prague in May 1942, the Slav-killer got a hero’s funeral in Berlin. And of course the Nazis played this, Siegfried’s Funeral March, from Wagner. And the Fuhrer is seen shaking hands with the Heydrich widow and children. You can find it on Youtube if you want to.

    Here is the music, magnificent when written in the 1860s and played in London in the 1980s:


  14. Mozart genius at work. I heard this first on a car radio in 1990 and had to pull in:


  15. Had a chance to listen to this music now while I’m just doing my Sunday brunch.
    Interesting and eclectic collection. Seimi your thin Lizzy was good.
    But as usual my favourite is Peters choices. The Wagner was one of my favourites.