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Happy B’day

By Patrick Van Roy On September 7th, 2019

Would have been 83

14 Responses to “Happy B’day”

  1. A Poundshop Cliff Richard.

  2. As far as love ballads go it would be hard to top this:


  3. I forgot he was 22. A stunning legacy for so short a time here. He was a significant influence on the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan, Clapton etc.

  4. can’t find the original footage from the real event, but here it is duplicated in the Gary Busey movie on Buddy Holly a film I recommend. First white group at the Apollo. They thought it would cause a riot… by the end of his set they were dancing in the aisles.


  5. Some may not know this

    ( Country great ) Waylon Jennings was friends with Holly, was touring with that group , and was almost on that plane.


  6. good story…. didn’t know it

  7. Trump has a Challenger lmao… you gotta love this guys chutzpah.

    Trump has another Republican challenger, Mark Sanford

    Let me remind you who this wackjob is….

    From June 18 until June 24, 2009, Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford ‘s whereabouts were unknown and there was media coverage of what was described as his disappearance. Subsequently, the Governor reappeared and admitted that he had been in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair.
    Mark Sanford extramarital affair

  8. What should Trumps nickname for him be…. ?

  9. Trump’s nickname for him will be “Bastard” …. after he beats Trump in the Republican Primary 😉

  10. //Let me remind you who this wackjob is….

    …admitted that he had been in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair. Mark Sanford extramarital affair//

    The very first thing about this man mentioned by groupies of the man who is a serial adulterer is that he had an affair, after years of silence on their hero’s sexual adventures.

  11. Yes I’m sure the pious and faithfull St Donald was deeply shocked when he heard of Mr Sanford’s sinful tryst in Tango country.

    Ps , I do hope the woman was called Evita 😉

  12. It just beats parody that Trump devotees, after years without a single word of criticism for Trump’s bizarre sexual behaviour outside the marriage bed, now introduce a rival to their Master by complaining that he had an affair.

    But of course, as always, they follow the leader, and Trump the adulterer par excellence, once he heard of this competition, immediately attacked his rival for his adultery.

    And he and they don’t see any incongruity there.

  13. Noel the guy was a Governor and just vanished for a week…. everyone thought he was dead…

    It’s not the affair it’s the insanity of his actions

  14. Spending a week in Buenos Aires in bed with a (presumable beautiful) woman ? Yeah, sounds completely insane 🙂