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By Pete Moore On September 9th, 2019

Bercow is slinking off then. Having done to the country what his wife did with his cousin, the Tories announced that that they would stand a candidate against him. Bercow’s always been a coward and a bully, the kind of man who should never be left unsupervised with junior staff. A Parliamentary investigation left no doubt what this pompous jackass is like in private. His female private secretary was so mistreated that she’s many believe she suffered PTSD. That Labour MPs protected him afterward tells you everything about them.

Be in no doubt that this partisan activist has destroyed centuries of hard won reputation for the Speaker’s chair. He has made up numerous new rules and overturned convention after convention, all to see the triumph of the EU over the British people. Even in going he has binned impartiality, enabling criminal MPs to install yet another EU lickspittle.

It’s fitting that when he announced he was going half of the Commons rose to applaud while the other half sat on their hands. Whoever this source is, I couldn’t put it better –

9 Responses to “GOOD RIDDANCE”

  1. Pete Moore enjoying his unlikely new role as a voluntary government fanboy smearing treacherous independent officials who dare to breach the state party line .

  2. Bercow the man is probably a different person from Bercow the Speaker. His actions in his private office etc… should have been fully investigated and if the accusations held merit he should have been removed from office. It is wrong that those investigations didn’t take place.

    Bercow the Speaker is overwhelmingly been a good Speaker. Yes he has rebalanced the power dynamics in favour of parliament but after a decade of the Blair government that can’t be anything but good. It is also worth pointing out that the bulk of the “contentious” rulings he has made have been largely to stop a minority government ramming their business through Parliament without giving Parliament room to scrutinise and if needs be reject the actions of said minority government. Have I agreed with everything he did? No. His willingness to allow backbench amendment to business motions in my opinion swung the pendulum too far towards parliament in the power struggle between parliament and the government. But in general his rulings have been fair and measured and only done to ensure greater parliamentary say in the business of the day.

    And only Stalinist statist fan boys would oppose him for that.

  3. Having done to the country what his wife did with his cousin

    Why the need for this Trumpy comment

  4. Because Pete’s head has become unbalanced as a result of his speedy 180 degree turn from being a healthily cynical opponent of singular government power to becoming a battlefront loyal defender of the “ Government must not be challenged” brigade.

  5. He hasn’t been the type to do that.

    Trump is an exceptionally bad, low cultural influence.

  6. Colm –

    Try making one comment in here, just one, which isn’t about me.

  7. Pete, it’s your post and your opinions being expressed. That’s what I am responding to. Sorry if you don’t like criticism. That’s what this blog is for is it not ?

  8. I was originally indifferent to Speaker Bercow. But since he ignored the advice of his own Clarks and allowed the WA to be voted on three times I lost all trust and respect. The man has undoubtedly disgraced his office and, judging by his behaviour today I must say we will be well rid of him.

  9. Scotland’s highest civil court has unanimously ruled Johnson’s suspension of Parliament unlawful :

    The Court will accordingly make an Order declaring that the Prime Minister’s advice to HM the Queen and the prorogation which followed thereon was unlawful and is thus null and of no effect […]

    In a separate case brought by anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller, the High Court in London also ruled last week that Mr Johnson had acted lawfully. Ms Miller is appealing that decision in the Supreme Cour