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By Pete Moore On September 9th, 2019

Thanks to tolerant left-liberalism  this country is a clownshow –

We’ll recall that while this (presumed) woman might have been intrusive, rude and uncharitable, she only said “shame on you”. The authorities might now be going where they would be wider to avoid.

Homosexuality is forbidden under Islam. It is a grave sin according to their god. It appears to be a sincerely held article of faith. Some, maybe many muslims believe that the proper “punishment” for it is death. This prosecution, however, cuts across that and seeks, therefore, to curtail freedom of religion. One might say that it is a so0celled “Islamophobic” prosecution.

You cannot have it both ways, libs.




  1. A wrongful prosecution. Hopefully it will fail. Heckling is healthy and shouldn’t be proscribed.

  2. You cannot have it both ways, libs

    They don’t want to have it both ways. They’re fully aware of the contradiction, they just don’t care. You’ll never see a Muslim baker prosecuted for refusing to bake a pro-gay wedding cake, only Christians. They know full well about Islam’s judgements on homosexuality and they don’t give a chuff. Christian woman says “Shame on you”: prosecution. Maggotslam throws gays off the rooftops of tall buildings: Oh that’s ok, nothing to see here. It’s not an accidental overlooking, it’s just the left being the left. Any useful idiot force is OK with them as long as it advances their agenda.

  3. Brexitannia

    It isn’t a Christian woman being prosecuted. It’s a Muslim woman.

  4. Even worse then Colm, a Muslim who dares contradict the narrative.

  5. Although I personally regard homosexuality as one of the many and varied perversions of sexuality (both hetero and homo-oriented) I don’t want to curtail anyone’s freedoms to live as they want to, so long as they cause no harm to anyone. Gays had better take a long hard look and decide which factions offer them the more freedom in the long run. Conservativers such as myself, who although I would support legislation against the promotion of homosexuality but would not offer any violence against them, or Islam which in the long run, once they get control will throw them off of buildings. It’s up to them which way they want to see our country going.

  6. Perverse is normal, evil is good, and obesity – well, that’s beautiful, and healthy just like sodomy:


    Tess Holliday made a statement in a white cut-out gown as she stormed the runway during New York Fashion Week on Saturday.

    The plus-sized model, 34, oozed confidence in the striking dress – which was emblazoned with the phrase ‘sample size’ – as she walked the catwalk for Chromat’s Spring/Summer 2020 show at Gallery I at Spring Studios.

    This woman isn’t merely ‘plus-sized’ – she is morbidly obese, and should not be modelling anything.

  7. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings 😉

  8. I think we have Brexitania’s fears sorted. Gay people frighten him less than Muslim people.

  9. God forbid he ever bumps into a liberal gay Muslim on a dark night.. 😱

  10. My guess he bends over and happily faces Mecca.

  11. brexitannia

    You’ll never see a Muslim baker prosecuted for refusing to bake a pro-gay wedding cake, only Christians

    The woman is a Muslim, not a Christian.

    Even worse then Colm, a Muslim who dares contradict the narrative.

    No brexitannia, what’s even worse is that you made yourself look like a total fool, by not reading the original post properly in your rush to write your anti-libs post.

  12. Whilst I do not agree that what this woman said was offensive, I would like to know her views on other matters relating to Islam ? Such as, dies she feel shame when people from her religion murder little children at pop concerts ? Just asking.

  13. She obviously feels ashamed of her own gender. Why else would she shroud her body in a black cloth.